Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Little Jett

I think it was after Jenny had moved, but before I met Shellie that I was with Jett.  Jett was a kid.  Maybe 14 or 15 when I first met her.  She was a neighbor's niece, come to visit for the summer.   Actually her daddy was in jail and her mommy was following the meth trail.  Mom did manage to drop Jett off at her sister's place, but didn't stick around for very long until she took off.  Jett's aunt, my neighbor was working two jobs and had little or no time to spend with her so Jett just sort of hung around the  local 7-11, trying to see how much trouble she could get into.

One day, I was walking mikey, my chocolate lab and part time lover and I saw Jett sitting on the stoop outside her aunt's place.  As I walked by, mikey made his usual effort to say hello to anybody who  would pay attention to him and when he moved toward Jett, she jumped up and started to run inside.  I told her that mikey would never hurt her and she sullenly remarked that he had teeth and that was all she needed to see.  I finally convinced her that he wouldn't hurt her and she allowed herself to reach out and let him sniff her hand.  When no biting was forthcoming, she went a little further and patted his head.  Mikey was a very friendly pooch and soon she was petting his neck and back as he smiled his big toothy grin and in general let everybody know how happy he was to make a new acquaintance, mostly with his rapidly wagging tail, and as many licks to the face as he could get in.

Jett asked me if I lived around her  aunt's place and I told her I lived two doors down from where she was staying.  It was time for me to take mikey home and Jett just sort of came along with us..She asked if she could walk mikey and I told her to be careful if she did, because he was very strong and would maybe pull her off her feet if he spotted something he wanted to chase.  She seemed happy to walk him and I let her.  When we got to my place, she asked me if I was going to be home for a while because she had nowhere else to be and hanging around that 7-11 was boring as hell.  I asked her in and if she maybe wanted a cold soda or something and she came inside, still holding mikey's leash.

Like I said, little Jett was maybe 15 but when we got inside and shed our coats, I could see that little Jett wasn't very little.  In fact she had the body of a full-grown woman.  Just noticing was all I was doing at that time.   As we talked, I found out that she was actually just 14.  Nothing about her seemed to be a kid as I got to know her.  She had been kicked around most of her life and never really had any one home for more than a year, ever.  I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said she wasn't into guys ever since both of  her stepfathers had tried to get funny with her.  Words to the effect that all guys were pervs.   I went about the business of doing some cleaning, something I didn't do very often because I hated doing it.  Jett just sort of wandered from room to room following me and not saying much.  After about an hour, she said that she had better get out of my hair and I told her I didn't mind having her around.  We were sitting in the kitchen, my cleaning efforts finished for the time being, when she asked what my deal was.   Did I have a guy, did I work, how old was I, all sorts of little getting-to-know-you questions.  After we finished with the story of my life she asked if she could come and visit me and mikey and maybe take him  for a walk again.  I could see that this poor kid didn't have anyone who  cared for her enough to make an impression, so I told her she could come over any time she wanted when I was home.

After a couple of weeks, I sort of got used to having her around.  She was still the little girl lost, but at least she was with someone who paid a little attention to her.  One day she asked me what the deal was with the third bedroom.  It was the room mikey and I used when we had sex and it was a little different.  Mover's pads and a plain bed, with only a coffee table, it probably did seem a little strange.  I told her it was a room I didn't use very much and tried to let it lay there, but she was still curious, I could tell.  I thought that maybe she had asked to see if there was a chance that she could move in with me.  I was sure that idea wouldn't fly with her aunt.

One day, Jett visiting, I had to get some groceries and I asked her if she wanted to come along.  She said she was into the thing she was watching on tv and asked if it would be alright if she just stayed home.  I didn't see any reason why not, so I took off.  I was gone about an hour and when I got back, I got the shock of my life.  I came in the back door and the first thing I noticed was that mikey wasn't there to greet me, a thing he always did.  In fact There seemed to be nobody home.  I heard some sounds from the bedrooms and when  looked in at the small bedroom there was Jett and mikey.  She was naked from the waist down and sitting on the coffee table with her legs spread as wide as she could get them.  She was leaning back ,and mikey was there, between her legs, licking her sweet, shaved pussy for all he was worth.  If either of them noticed me, they didn't show it.  Mikey was really going at it.  I knew how much he loved to lick me and I guess he liked Jett's pussy as much.  As for Jett, she was somewhere in seventh heaven.  A place I knew all too well.  Mikey could bring on orgasm after orgasm as he licked tirelessly.  Jet let out a moan and I saw her ass start that familiar bucking and wiggling that I was apt to do in her place.  I heard her call mikey's name and then she let out a real loud cry as she reached her climax.  Mikey kept at it.  He was trained to just do what ever his mistress or for that matter what the pussy in front of him wanted.  She was almost falling off  of the table, as she leaned back to let him have her.

I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to join them so I started to take off my own clothes.  I was down to my panties when Jett must have heard me because she looked my way and gasped with surprise.  I moved into the room  and stood near her. She did not seem as embarrassed as surprised as she reached for me and pulled my panties down, then stood up in front of me.  She touched one of my breasts and then knelt down and started to lick my pussy.  Her tongue was electric and I was suddenly in no mood to care that she was so under-aged and made this wrong.  It seemed right.

I asked her if she had ever been with another woman and she answered that she had only had sex with women since she started. Then she dropped the bombshell.  She told me she also fucked dogs and had designs on mikey since we three had met on that first day.  She said that she wasn't sure if mikey would know what to do and was just beginning to find out if he would fuck her when I interrupted them.  She also said she had some suspicions when she saw the little bedroom and what was in there.  I asked her  if she wanted mikey to fuck her while I watched and she said she wanted to fuck him, but she wanted me involved when they did.  A sort of really strange three-way.  I looked at this 14 year old kid and saw a fully developed woman.  I was in.  Suddenly I didn't care about her age, I just wanted her.

She positioned herself on the floor in the doggie position.   I knelt behind her and began to stroke her pussy and anus.  I licked her as she moaned a little.  Then I called mikey to me.  He was well-trained and knew immediately what to do.  As he mounted her I reached for his now emerging penis and guided it into Jett's sweet pussy.  He started to hump and push himself in deeper and deeper as Jett moaned and said she was cumming already.  I knew exactly what she was feeling.  I moved in front of her and laid down with my pussy near her mouth.  She began licking my clit and I could see that she knew what she was doing.  Somehow the forbidden part of having sex with a kid was getting me even more excited, but when it came to sex, she was no kid.  By now mikey had penetrated her as deep as he could and I knew his cock was swelling and his hard knot forming.  I could see it in Jet's reaction as she was having trouble concentrating on me and my pussy, wet and waiting for her tongue and lips.  I reached down and began to play with my own pussy.  Mikey was locked in now and Jett was beginning to cum as she moaned and her tongue became fevered in its licking of my pussy.  I slid out from under her and got next to the two of them so I could touch her clit.  I knew that when mikey's knot was pressing against her g-spot, that if I played with her clit she would have one orgasm after another of  the most intense kind, and I wanted her first sexual experience with us to be the best.  Soon she was cumming, but even though she was in ecstasy she knew enough to keep as still as she could so as to keep mikey's cock inside her.  By now I had leaned back and was masturbating to the scene in front of me.  I had seen mikey fuck other women before and yet I never tired of watching this scene.  Soon I was cumming along with Jett and eventually mikey.

For the next few months, Jett, mikey and I kept the menage thing going.  Sometimes Jett would stay the night,  I am sure her aunt never knew what we were doing, but then maybe she did and just wanted Jett out of her way.   I didn't care.  Jett and I were lovers even though I knew that I could be arrested for having sex with a minor  In the sack she was no minor.  She reminded me of myself when I was her age.  A fully grown sexual being at 14.

Poor mikey was doing double duty although he never complained and was probably the happiest lab on the planet.  Of all the things Jett and I did in bed, she loved it when I fucked her with a strap-on.  She said it was the closest she would ever get to being fucked by a person.  She especially liked sitting in my lap, the strap-on deep inside her while I sat on a chair facing her.  She would ride the thing as I sat there, transfixed at watching her cum again and again.  She loved kissing me and getting fucked at the same time.  She was a supremely sexual person.

I taught her what tribbing was and she took to it at once.  Her sweet pussy was always very wet and when we rubbed our clits together the feeling was delicious.  We fucked for hours most nights like there was just no limit. It seemed that she was becoming more and more interested in fucking me than fucking mikey as we spent more and more time together.  By now, I'm sure her aunt had a fairly definite idea what was going on, but she apparently was glad to have Jett out of her hair.

The day finally came when she had to leave me.  I was really going to miss her, but she had to get back to school and her grandmother agreed to take her in.  Different city and it looked like she was going to be out of my life forever.  No, she said, forever is a long time and we would be together again if I wanted it.  I told her she was always going to be welcome in my life.  These days, when I look at Shellie I sometimes see little Jett.  Maybe someday she can be with us.

Monday, November 23, 2015


I met Jenny at work.   I was maybe 24 or 25 at the time, and was enjoying my job as an engineer.  Jenny was one of the workers from the assembly area of the factory.  We met in the cafeteria one workday, at the morning break.  I had seen her around the plant before and I noticed that she would always seem to be staring at me.  On the day we  finally met I was looking for a place to sit and there was an open place at her table and I was just plain curious as to why she seemed to be interested in me.

I introduced myself as I sat down and she told me that she knew who I was.  We made small talk about the factory and what we did and as I sat there, I couldn't help notice that although in her late thirties, she was quite beautiful.  She told me she was 38, divorced for 10 years and had two grown children, one in college and one in high school.  We had a divorce in common and spent the entire break talking about what absolute losers our former husbands were.  I came to discover that like me, Jenny was currently not romantically involved with anyone.

The next day, we sat together for our breaks again.  My interest was piqued and I made it my business to be on break at the same time she was. Our conversation came around to the idea of having a "girls' night out" and we decided we would go to lunch together later that day.  At lunch Jenny surprised me by steering the conversation to sex.  She told me that for some reason, I attracted her.  She said she was solidly into men, but somehow, and even she wasn't quite sure why, she found me fascinating.  I told her I had had relationships with other women, mostly to see if she was turned off by that,  She said that she had never even thought about it, but recently had become sort of curious. and asked if I minded talking about it.  I felt a little flattered and suddenly more than a little interested in her.  She told me that she had a lot of doubts about being with another woman because it was so strange to her, yet there she was.  Talking about it and as we went on, she said she had begun to fantasize about it at times.  I was sort of wondering myself what would be like to be with someone like her, but then I'm always interested in sex.

Jenny was, as I said, almost fifteen years older than me but she was in really good shape. She was much larger than I, maybe 150 lbs and just under six feet tall, to my under five feet and less than a hundred pounds.  I thought about how a woman who was totally strange to sex with another woman would even think about it, but then I had been in that same boat earlier in my life.  Of course I was interested.  I decided to see if I could actually seduce her.  She seemed ready for it and by now so was I.  By time our lunch hour was over, I had managed to touch her arm a couple of times and even stroked her hand.  She reddened at my touch but didn't move her hand, and I could  see she was affected by even such light interplay.  Before we finished lunch, we had made plans to go out for a couple of drinks the following Friday night.  I agreed to pick her up at her place.  By time Friday rolled around, I was almost salivating at the proposition of sex with this strangely fascinating woman.

I picked her up at her house, and while I was there, I met her children.  The boy, Carl was 19 and the girl, Janice was 17.  They were both well-mannered and a little shy.  Janice was a real cutie and I knew that she would be knee deep in suitors if she wasn't already.  When Jenny came down she took my breath away.  She was wearing a short full skirt and a sort of peasant blouse widely open at the top.  I was wearing my usual jeans and a top.  She kissed the kids and we were off.  I told her how good she looked and she blushed a little.  We were headed for the bar where I hang out and before we had gone a mile, Jenny asked me if I would mind if we didn't go out, but just had a quiet evening at my place.   She said she wasn't into the bar scene and wasn't much of a drinker anyway.  Since that fit into my plans I agreed and we headed for my house.  When we got there, mikey, my lab pet and lover was, as usual glad to see me and greeted Jenny with his usual jumping around, pausing to lick her hand, and in general be the sweet boy he was.  Jenny was taken with him and started to pet and croon to him, a thing he loves no end.

We went  into the living room and I brought a bottle of wine and two glasses and sat next to her on the couch.  We leaned back and started to sip the wine, a warm glow and some conversation was something I always prized.  Jenny was a good conversationalist and was up on the latest news.  After a while, after finishing the first bottle of wine,  I could see that she was more relaxed with me.  She told me that she thought I was beautiful.  She loved the fact that I was so petite and yet forceful.  As she talked, I moved closer to her.  I asked her if she was really curious about being with another woman or if she had changed her mind.  She blushed a little and told me she was interested but had absolutely no experience in that area, and was a little hesitant.  I slipped my arm around her and pulled her closer.  Her eyes grew larger and her lips parted, she was breathing a little faster.  I pulled her to me and kissed her, starting with her cheek and neck and ending on her full mouth.  I felt her tongue, probing, asking and I answered with mine.  We kissed for a while, each growing a little more excited.  I had pulled her against me and I could feel her body answering .  I pulled her top open a little and began kissing her neck, moving to the top of her breasts.  Her breathing was rapid now as she responded to my touch and lips.  She moaned a little and I knew that we would be enjoying each other soon.

I pulled her top up and she responded by helping me remove it.  I undid her bra and her breasts were free for my lips and tongue.  She had large breasts and pronounced nipples and I moved to them. licking and biting her nipples.  She was moaning louder now and as she pulled me tighter against her I could see that she wanted everything.  Her hands were in my hair, pulling me tighter.  I started to stroke her thighs and soon slipped my hand under the hem of her skirt to the waist band of her panties.  I slid my hand in and felt her pussy.  She was wet and when she felt me there she began to move a little against my fingers.  Then she leaned back and asked me to finish undressing her.  I asked her if she would be more comfortable in the bedroom. She whispered that she was wondering if I was ever going to suggest that.

On the way to the bedroom, I managed to shed my jeans and was now wearing only a top and panties.   When we got to the bed she sat on the edge and pulled me down on top of her. She wrapped her legs around me and pressed against my body.  I could feel her start to hump against me.  I pulled off my top and let her kiss and bite my nipples as I moved against her in answer to her body.  Then I broke free and pulled her skirt down over her hips.  She helped and then we were together in my bed wearing nothing but our panties.  I reached down and stroked her pussy.  She moaned in answer and reached for mine.  For a few minutes we just laid there, our mouths locked together and our fingers busy.  She was driving me as crazy as I was her.  Then I moved down on her.  I pulled her panties down and off and started to move toward her, kissing her between her knees and slowly working my way up.  She was moving her hips, not even aware of it as I finally tasted her luscious pussy, forcing my tongue between the lips, seeking her most sensitive spot.   I found her clit and began softly tonguing it.  She was almost cumming already.   I sucked her clit into my mouth and gently sucked  as I moved my tongue over it.  She was writhing now and I could hardly keep my place.  I heard her moaning my name over and over as she finally had an orgasm.  I kept at it.  I wanted her to have another even more intense orgasm.  For a moment she was still than she began to react and as she did she spread her lags as wide as they would go and pulled my mouth down on her pussy, moving up and down rubbing her clit on my mouth, more and more rapidly as her second orgasm approached and then she came again and laid back.  Gasping and almost unintelligible, she said she wanted to have me now.

I stood and removed my panties.  I was soaking wet.  I moved up on top of her until I was literally sitting on her face and lowered my pussy to her hungry lips.  She was tentative at first, barely licking.  Her eyes were wide and she wanted to please me but wasn't sure how.  I told her to do what she thought would feel good to her.  Soon she began sucking and licking my clit in earnest.  I could feel the orgasm coming and then I was rocking on top of her, moaning and telling her how good she was.  I told her I was going to cum right on her face and she increased her frenzied licking.  Then I came.  I exploded.  Partly from her tongue and partly from the idea that I was getting my pussy licked by someone who had never done it before.   She didn't stop and I came again, before she could stop sucking my clit and then I rolled off of her and we snuggled up, arms around each other, bodies pressed together as we tried to regain normal breathing.

That night we did it again and again.  We wore each other out.  I was horny when we started and I guess she was too.  Once we began she seemed insatiable.  She wanted to try everything I knew.  Fingers, tongues, I showed her how to trib later, and it became her favorite thing to do.   She was so much larger than I that she mostly wanted to be on the bottom whenever we tried 69 or tribbing.  When we fucked with a strap-on she almost always wanted to fuck me.  I would get off sometimes on her size, feeling so small and vulnerable as her partner.  I  loved fucking her doggie style, my favorite position..  She loved the idea of  being fisted and would make me do that to her for long periods of time as she got off, sitting there with her legs spread,  my hand in her pussy up to my wrist as she moved her hips. Sometimes she would grab my wrist and work my fist in and out like a dildo.

Jenny never got over the fact that she was having the best sex in her life with another woman.  She told me that  if she had known how good it could be she would have done it a lot sooner.  We got together at least once a week for what we came to call our sex-date, and she even talked about moving in with me or having me move in with her.  We were together for well over a year.  I think her kids began to suspect that we were more than friends long before that.  By the time the kids knew, she didn't care, she was willing to keep fucking me even if they objected, but, I guess the kids could see that she was happy and we were good for each other so they never really objected.  I never told her about me and my dog.  I thought that while she easily came to accept fucking another woman, fucking a dog might just be a little beyond what she would allow as normal.  We were together for over a year and a half when she found a better job and moved away from our town.  I hated to see her go.  I heard some time later that she was married and wondered if the fire in her that I saw was there with her new man.  I can hardly believe it, but maybe I'm just a little egocentric.  I know this much.  Jennie was a handful when it came to sexual satisfaction, and I pride myself for discovering and showing  her the truly uninhibited side of Jenny.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

shelley and me

I live with another woman.  We have been together for about two years.  She was nineteen when she finally made me happy and moved in with me.  She's a lesbian and says she has been since her twelfth birthday, or maybe  before then.  She is beautful.  For the record, I'm 32.  I  was not even aware of my liking for sex with other women until I was fifteen.  I still like guys and especially dogs, but sex with other women and of course Shelley is special.   She is spontaneous, adventuresome,  insatiable and loves sex as much as I do. 

Sometimes we play a game called "dress up"  We put on our hottest outfits, full make-up, hose and heels and then maybe go out for a while trolling for maybe another unsuspecting woman, or maybe just a few drinks while we start to seduce each other.  Or we just stay at home, drink a little wine and slowly undress each other and have sex.  Either way, sex with her is complete and wonderful.

One of those times not so long ago I remember we had a particularly hot time.  We had been out for a few drinks at one of the nicer places in town, and got our share of looks and a few free drinks from a couple of guys, but nothing we were interesed in.  We were both a little tipsy when we finally decided to call it a night and get home so we could ravish each other.  I have to say, we both looked good enough to eat.  And hot.

Shelley was wearing a really short red mini-dress, matching underwear and these red hose with an elastic top that stay up with no garter. And heels.  Killer heels.  I wore a white miniskirt and top with white undies and white stockings with elastic tops, and heels like hers.   We started like we usually do, kissing and touching and piece by piece removing what we are wearing.   We took our time.  We had started building to this at the bar, and we were ready for each other.  Sometimes we get lost in kissing and it takes a long time to get each other undressed.  I remember pulling her dress up over her head.  It was so tight.  I removed her bra and started kissing her nipples.  She practically tore my top off and I helped her with my skirt.  She stood up and I knelt before her and pulled her panties down so I could lick her pussy a little,  Just a couple of exploratory tastes of her sweet pussy.   She stood there, long legs apart looking like a perfect statue.  Love personified.  And wet and delicious.

Then I moved to the couch and left her standing there, naked except for the hose and heels.  I still had my bra and panties on and was sort of squatting on the couch,  legs spread, absently toying with my pussy through the flimsy material of my panties as I looked at her, whispering to her how much I wanted her.  She's much taller than I and a little bigger here and there and with those heels her already long legs were even more seductive.  She was looking at me while running her hands over her body, telling me what she was going to do to me in her sweetest voice.  Then she got down on her hands and knees and began toward me on the couch.  She got in front of me and I pulled my panties aside to show her my already wet pussy.  She moved to me and began licking my clit, moving her mouth up and down the length of my pussy.  She has a tongue stud she wears for occasions like this and I could feel it on my clit as her tongue moved on my pussy.  It felt so good.  She would suck my clit into her mouth and suck on it while her tongue played wth the innermost part of me, making me almost cum on the spot.  She kept licking me and sucking me until I had my first orgasm.  Then she leaned back and pulled my panties off.  I quickly removed my bra because I wanted to be naked now for her. My leg were as spread apart as I could get them.  I told her I wanted her inside me, that I wanted to feel her as deep as possible.  She pushed a finger into me and started moving it in and out.  Then another finger.  And another.  I could feel her fingers and it was so good.  Then she had all four fingers in me.  I was moaning and wiggling on the couch.  I was close to an orgasm, whispering her name as she kept moving in and out.  Then she folded her thumb inside her palm and pushed her fist in.  I almost fainted it was so good.  Her hand was on fire inside me and it was right on my G-spot.  I had another orgasm as she fucked me with her fist.  She was in up to her wrist and I was cumming, soaking wet.  I reached down and grabbed her wrist and moved her fist inside me like it was a dildo.  I had yet another somehow deeper orgasm.  She moved to me with her lips and started to lick my clit whle deep inside me.  So good. I came again.  I was losing my mind wth pleasure.  She rotated her hand and it was on my g-spot and I came again.  I was raving now, totally lost to her touch.  Finally I could take no more and I pushed her out.   She said that it was her turn and she wanted me the same way. 

She got up on the couch and bent forward exposing her ass and pussy to me.  She leaned forward.  She was on her elbows and knees.  Her sweet ass was there for me.  I got down on the floor and moved to lick her sweet lttle bud and she spread her legs a little.  I could reach her pussy and started to lick and suck her as she bent lower, assuming the doggie position for me.  She was so wet and as I licked and sucked her pussy she started to moan and wriggle.  I was starting the fire in her that I knew so well.  Then I started to work my hand into her pussy.  She pushed back, meeting me as if to pull me inside her.   I was in to my wrist almost at once, and began to fuck her with my fist, turning and pushing in and out.  She was moaning and calling my name.  I could feel that she would climax soon and began to play with my own pussy while working my fist inside her.   Then she came.  Explosive, moaning and bucking against my hand as I went in even deeper.  She came again.  Sometimes there was no end to her enjoyment and this was one of those times.  Then she moved away and I knew she was finshed with my fist.  I pulled out and she turned to me and whispered that she wanted 69.

I waited for her on the floor.  Shelley always liked to be on the bottom so I let her get ready for me, laying on her back, calling me to her.  I got on her, spreading my legs over her face and dove down to meet her rising hips, her delicious pussy.  We began to lick and suck each other.  Oh God!! So good.  She was cumming with me almost every time.  We were rolling and bucking together, as if we could not be separated even as we were so violently seeking each other.  We kept at it until we were drained.  I rolled off of her and moved into her arms.  We kissed and cooed for a while.  Nothing has ever been this good for  me. 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

me and the boys

I have two dogs.  I've had them for over three years now.  Blackie, the older is three.  Mikey junior (I call him just junior) is two.  They  have both been lovingly trained to fuck me or for that matter any  woman who knows how to signal carnal intent doggie style, and then who will let them.   My roommate and I have a lot of dirty sexual fun with these two guys.  While she is a lesbian, she sees nothing wrong with using these guys like they were just a fancy, warm dildo (with a wonderful knot)  Don't get me wrong, the dogs do not instigate, but they will respond to certain signals like dogs always do.

Sometimes we'll each choose one and get down to it  on that padded floor and watch each other get the fucking good time we both love.  Sometimes we'll do one at a time so we can get involved with each other at the same time.  Many times I have had that maddening knot in my pussy and my roomie's pussy in my face.  I try to show her clit a good time, but having that knot squeezing on my G spot is very distracting.  Some times she will get under me 69 style and play with my clit while that knot is doing its best to keep me busy and distracted.  The combination is almost more than a human can stand, but I do.  She does too.  The dogs love us.  More than once I did them both, one after the other.  Junior has manners and will always let blackie go first.  I guess he's the beta beta male.  Blackie is the alpha beta and I and my roommate are the alpha alphas in our little packs' pecking order.

They are magnificent animals in the peak of health and perfect representatives of their breed, They are both Labrador retrievers.  Strong, loyal, fun loving, and physically endowed with great seven inch penises and knots as large as my fist.  For their part they provide a lot of pleasure and companionship.  For my part I do everything I can to assure their health because they mean so much to me in more ways than one.

I mentioned earlier the story of how I became a knotlover.  Imagine the wondrous sex we have when I can fuck two of these wonderful pets on the same day.  Actually, their recuperative powers are such that I could probably fuck them, each in his turn for hours if I thought I could keep my sanity while doing it.  Fortunately, my roommate also enjoys the knot and that makes for some lively absolutely filthy orgies.  She is as depraved as I am and as insatiable.  Imagine after being thoroughly fucked by these boys the fun we have licking the cum juices off of each other's pussies. Just one of the things we do.

The last time I fucked both of them was one of those days when I was alone with them went sort of like this.  (For the most part it always does) I start things by setting up our little fuck room.  It is the third bedroom of the house, and we mostly use it for doggie sex.  It has a lot of mover's pads on the floor and a mattress for when we (my roommate and I) have after-doggie sex with each other.  The dogs know what's coming when we enter that room.  I slip their socks on.   Avoids scratches in the heat of things.  They hate the socks but love the sex so they let me do it. 

Now we are ready.  I lay on the edge of the mattress with my legs spread so they can get to me with their strong, tireless tongues.  I call them to me, legs spread, stroking my clit absently.  They seem to like to take turns, causing an almost non-stop pussy licking.  Soon I'm having clit orgasms.  They like doing me this way because I praise them all the while, except when I'm actually cumming.  Then I'm just wiggling around and babbling.  I guess they are used to my babbling when I'm cumming because it doesn't slow them down.

Finally, I'm ready for some serious fucking.  I get down on my elbows and knees with my ass in just the right position, pussy as available as I can make it.  The dogs know how to read this signal, we've done it many times. I call blackie to me.  He s eager to once again mate with the bitch who never goes out of heat.

Junior retreats to the edge of the room while Blackie gets behind me and licks my anus a few times.  He honestly seems to know that I like that, and it seems to get him fired up for some reason.  Soon he hops on top of me and holds me between his front legs while he prods around looking for my pussy with his now slightly extended cock.  When I'm down on my elbows and knees, spread for him, he is much larger than I am.  His front paws are n the floor even though his cock is at the right level for penetration.  A couple of almost pokes in the ass then he finds me and begins to hump his cock.  He needs to get it in as deep as he can and soon the tip of his cock is touching my cervix.  Oddly enough it doesn't hurt like the few well-endowed guys I've had in my past.  His cock has a unique tip and I believe it's made for gently opening a uterus.

Then his cock begins to swell, filling me completely.  When his knot is fully engorged it presses on my g-spot and I begin to feel the truly deep orgasms sex with a dog can bring.  We remain knotted for more than five minutes, he is very still, I am suppressing the wiggling that multiple orgasms bring.  I do not want to lose his knot.  It is so good.  After the third or fourth, (or maybe fifth or sixth) orgasm, he finally cums. shooting his hot seed deep inside me. This triggers another orgasm on my part when I think of the puppies he just put in me.  I am almost yelling at this point, about how good he is.  Soon his knot diminishes and he slides out.  He goes to another part of the room to lick himself and now Junior knows that it's his turn  I haven't moved from my place on the floor and I call him to me.  He licks me on my body, moving to my ass and then as he licks my pussy I have another orgasm and almost lose it.  By this time he has the idea and he jumps on me, cock slightly extended, ready to give me more pleasure.  He is not so sure as blackie and it takes him a little longer to find my pussy, but he is learning and soon he is inside me.  Feeling him slide deep inside me, I have another orgasm.  My internal orgasm machine is humming now, almost anything will trigger one.  deep inside me, like Blackie,he swells to fill me completely.  I am by this time almost insane with pleasure.  I feel his knot and the heat of his cock and I am moaning so loud I am sure the neighbors can hear.  A rocking orgasm again but he holds me in place with his front legs and most importantly his knot.  Driving me insane.  I have climbed this hill almost ten times by now.  No human is built for this much pleasure, but I want even more.   We stayed tied for maybe five minutes.  He is faster than usual and soon I feel his hot semen pouring against my innermost parts.  God, that feels so good.  Another crooning orgasm.  His and Blackie's juices are running down my legs.  He slips out.  I am done for the moment as I roll over onto  my  side..  As I lay there, I realize that if I called Blackie to me he would probably be ready for another session, but I just can't.  They have worn me out.  I am drained and draining at this moment, totally satiated.

The act of having been fucked by two dogs in the space of a half hour is more than I can normally handle and this is why I do not do them both very often.  It's just that the sheer lasciviousness of being fucked by an animal,with an animal's power and lust so appeals to the dirty girl in me that I just won't stop doing this. That, and of course, the knot. That thing which I can never get enough of.  I wonder what would happen to me if I had three dogs.  I  would certainly become that woman who lives with her dogs and never comes out of her house.  I love this.

So that's it.  My roommate and I love fucking dogs and having wild lesbian sex with each other  We are talking about getting married and It is almost positive that we would last.  We are as perfect for each other as the dogs are perfect for us.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why I'm still knotlover

It has been 14 years since I started having sex with my dog.  Hard to believe.  My original dog, mikey has departed this earth and I have since replaced him with blackie, also a labrador retriever.  Somehow that breed seems to be very well suited for sex with ladies.  They learn fast and have optimum equipment.  I am toying with the idea of getting another dog, same breed so I can double my enjoyment.  It took two years to get blackie trained and the training was as good for him as it was for me. 

Here's a typical session with blackie, from start to end.

It's a weekend morning, and I'm feeliing particularly horny for some hard knot.  After preparing the floor, mats and towels, I strip from the waist down.  Blackie is not interested in my boobs.  We are in the kitchen where I sit on the stool I have purchased for this very purpose.  It's a little higher than a regular chair and positions me just right for blackie to start the fun.  I call him over and show him that I am naked.  His interest is immediate and rapid.  He starts to lick my pussy.  His tongue is strong and he gets into every nook and cranny, including my clit.  He never tires of the licking and meither do I.

Soon enough he's got me doing a little wiggling and moving as he hits my clit often enough to sustain the pleasure level.  After a few more minutes, more for me than him, I get down on the floor and get into his favorite position.  He is inveterately a doggy-style lover.   As he sniffs around behiind me I feel him licking me again, this time mostly my anus.  This supplies a whole new level of thrills and I tell him what a good boy he is so he won't stop.  I think his licking of my anus sort of spurs him on and soon he is ready to try to mount me.  He climbs on me and starts to try to find my pussy.  I feel him poking around back there and know he will soon find me.

Then he does.  He feels the entrance to my pussy and begins to hump his cock as deep inside as he can.  So deep.  And familiar.  And pleasurable.  I feel him sliding in.  His cock is much warmer than I am and it feel like a hot, very enjoyable, pleasure thing, getting deeper and deeper. 

I am moaning a little now and crooning to him about what a good boy he is and how much I love him as I try to stay as still, unsuccesfully, as I can so he will be able to get in as deep as he wants.  He presses me between his front legs to keep me immobile as he starts to fuck me.  I feel his cock beginning to swell and then I feel his knot pressing against my pleasure center and I start to melt.  An orgasm starts somewhere deep inside and I ride it out, wriggling a little.  He snorts as if to say to me that I should be still. He's working.  A minute or so passes.  He is still now.  Somewhere from the same place as before, I feel the second orgasm coming and I start to moan a little louder.  He's used to the noise and knows he's not hurting me.  Then it really starts.  His knot is burning my g-spot and I'm starting to have one orgasm after another, almost like a train.  Each one a little more intense than the other.  So good.  I'm cumming almost non-stop now and probably screaming with pleasure.  He stays still, letting his knot do what it is supposed to do.  Lock me in place until he is ready to impregnate me.  I'm  bucking a litttle now, the orgasms one after the other, driving me crazy and making me as much an animal as he is.  We have been tied for maybe three or four minutes and there seems to be no end to this.  At least I do not want it to end.

A few more minutes and I'm now reduced to a sobbing orgasmic animal, almost howling with pleasure as he continues to hold me locked with his knot.  My orgasms are what I call training now,  One after the other almost on top of each other.  I must be making it difficult for him to stay inside, but he manages.  I am more of an animal now than he is.

Then I feel him cumming.  Strong spurts of his seed, hot and thin, already pouring out of my pussy and running down the back of my legs.  The feeling of his seed splashing against my uterus drives me to one final powerful orgasm and I collapse as his cock slides out of me, knot finally reduced and now useless.  The floor is wet with our combined juices.

He retires to a corner of the kitchen and licks his cock.  I lay there, when I look at the clock I see that we had been tied for somewhere around seven minutes,  It seemed like an hour.  All pleasure.  Actually defining ecstacy.  The realization dawns that he will be ready for me in another half hour if I want.  Maybe we will spend the entire weekend on the floor, fucking like two halves of the same beast.  Another dog would be on and in me right now if I had one.   Both dogs would think that they were with the horniest bitch ever.  Should I get and train another dog for my pleasure?  Do I dare take a chance on just becoming the woman who fucks her dogs all day?  I think I might.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My try at bondage

It wasn't all that long ago when I met a guy who was into bondage.  I had never tried that particular kink but always sort of wondered what it would be like either to be all tied up and helpless with some guy (or gal) and getting sexually abused, or be the one who has someone else all helpless.  Both sides of bondage kind of turned me on.    I know I'm about as kinky as one can be when it comes to sex, and the thought sort of appealed to the part of me that gets squirmy when I think about sexual things.

So, I met this guy at work who asked me out for a drink or two.  He seemed really harmless, and I almost declined his offer on those grounds.  I like a little feeling of adventure with guys and this one didn't send any such vibes.  After we sat and had a few drinks, he started to steer the conversation to the subject of getting tied up.  He confessed that he liked being tied up a little more than being the knot-maker.  Of course, my sex antenna was up and pointing after a while and I confessed that I had never tried it.  The truth was, I sort of wanted to try getting a little harmless submission and maybe some differently slanted sex.  The more we drank and talked, the more interested I was.  The danger and kinkiness of letting a relative stranger have me helpless and sexually vulnerable was getting me very hot. 

After we had drunk enough to erase all inhibitions, I agreed to follow him to his place and possibly explore the subject more deeply.  I was not prepared for what happened next.   He had an almost genuine dungeon in his basement.  There were all sorts of eyelets and things hanging from the rafters for use with ropes and belts and a chair that was sort of bolted to the floor.  He had fashioned a sort of cross thing that stood in one area and the whole place was indeed scary.  I felt myself shudder at the condition of the place, yet I was fascinated. 

He asked me if I wanted to tie him up and maybe whip him a little.  I was getting hotter and felt myself getting a little wet at the thought.  I had never even known this about myself, but I knew I wanted to try it.  I told him I was game.  He asked me if I would get naked because that was part of the thrill.  I agreed and in a few minutes we were both undressed.

To say I was clumsy at tying him up would be an understatement.  He laid down on his stomach on this table and I managed to get him tied to it with these really thick ropes.  Basically his hands and feet to the four table legs.  He told me to where to stand so he could see me and then he told me to whip his ass with the whip he had in a sort of cabinet with other "torture" tools.  It was quite an assortment of different stuff in that cabinet. 

I was not sure how hard to actually whip him so I was tentative at first.  He told me to do it harder.  I did.  I could see that he was getting a little squirmy and noticed that he was getting hard.  The harder I whipped him, the larger his cock got.  I was hitting him and he was getting off.  Very strange.  Leaving some considerable welts.  Then he asked me to touch him and I started to give him a hand job when he came almost at once.  It seemed like a lot of cum and I was a little disappointed that I wasn't going to get any of it. 

Later, he told me that I was good.  I had no idea.  It didn't seem like a lot of fun to me to get your ass whipped so you could cum.  I told him that if he was ever going to tie me up, there would be no whipping.  He could use any sort of vibrator or his fingers or his cock on me, but no whips.  He agreed.  He told me that there were two types of "submissives", those who wanted a little pain, and those who only wanted pleasure.  I was in the  second category.

He asked me to sit in his bolted-to-the-floor chair.  He said me would tie me up in such a way that I would really like it.  I was only hesitant for a second or two and then my "oh hell why not" self took over.  I got into the chair.  Just getting onto the chair had me wet and anticipating.  He tied my arms to the chair arms first, so I couldn't move them.  Then he tied my legs apart, with each leg tied up over my arms and then to a chair leg, spreading me out really wide.  He had me tied so that my ass was forward in the chair and my pussy was almost hanging over the edge of the seat.  He showed me a ball gag and asked if I knew what it was.  I told him I wasn't totally ignorant.   Then he forced it into my mouth.  I was getting a little scared.  I hadn't thought of this kind of submission.  Then he produced nipple clamps.  I tried to tell him I didn't want any pain, but I couldn't speak.  I could only make little mewing sounds.  He knew, though, that I was not wanting the clamps.  Didn't matter.  He clamped first one than the other nipple with the things.  They hurt a little at first, then sort of eased off into a pleasurable feeling.   He disappeared for a few minutes, I couldn't see behind me then I felt him stroking my neck and face.  Then he placed his erect penis on my shoulder and rubbed it against me.  He was very hard.

He came around to the front of the chair and showed me this huge vibrating dildo.  He told me he was going to fuck me twice,  first with the dildo and then with his cock.  Then he started the vibrator and began to vibrate my clit.  I was starting to squirm a little,  It felt so good.  His eyes were wide and he was getting as excited as I was.  I could see a glistening drop of pre-cum on his now-stiff cock.   The vibe was really getting to me when  he  inserted it into my pussy.  Really amazing.  Slow strokes back and forth.  I was trying to rock into it, but the chair didn't move, and I couldn't move much either.   He kept fucking me with the toy (although in his hands it was more of a sex-tool).  I came once, moaning through the ball gag and trying unsuccessfully to move a little.  I could feel the saliva running down my chin as I was starting to feel another orgasm.  He kept going until I finished the second time.  Then he knelt in front of the chair and replaced the vibrator with his hard cock. 
Surprisingly, he lasted much longer than his first orgasm and fucked me for what seemed like an eternity.  I came three or four times before he finally shuddered, pulled his cock out of me and let himself cum all over my body. 
I was drained.  I imagined that he was too.  He left me in the chair for a while then finally came and untied me.  He asked me if I enjoyed it.  I couldn't believe that he had to ask.  As soon as he took the ball-gag out I grabbed his cock and gave him a gratitude blow job.  I did get him to cum a little,  but he was actually through for the night. 

We had many more sessions like that over the course of the next three months.  Our shared enthusiasm for bondage came to an end when he left me tied up to some hanging eyelets over night.  He said he fell asleep upstairs and just forgot that I was hanging there in his dungeon.  I yelled like hell, but he had made the dungeon fairly sound-proof so It was a waste of time.   I didn't enjoy that, and I told him so when he finally released me the next day.  That was pretty much it.  I see him occasionally now, but we don't even speak.  Still, I did enjoy it while it lasted.  And  I know that I have a little thing for being tied up and helpless should the opportunity ever arrive again.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rosey and me

I think I was about fifteen or sixteen years old when it happened.  I was already having sex with guys, some older, some my age.  Maybe even one or two who were younger than me.  I wasn't very careful and when my time of the month came, I would sweat it through almost every month.  Didn't keep me from going at it, however. 
My BFF at the time was a girl named Rosey.  We were almost inseparable and as close as girls that age can be.  We spent a lot of time discussing our sex lives and I guess I knew everything there was to know about her.  Or so I thought.  I knew that she was just about as insatiable as I was when it came to sex. 
One day, I was at her house, and as usual, nobody else was home.  Her mother worked a killer schedule at Wal-Mart and her dad had long ago fled the marriage.  She was an only child. 
We had been looking at porn on line, even though her mother had set up a porn blocker.  So silly, those things could be circumvented in about two minutes if you knew how.  Anyway, somehow we found ourselves looking at some really hot girl-girl stuff with pussy licking, dildos and what they called tribbing.   I'd seen this kind of porn before and found it titillating but not something I had considered doing.    I was getting a pretty good eyeful and actually getting a little wet when I noticed that Rosey seemed to be getting a little turned on also.
She asked me if I ever thought about doing it with another girl.  I couldn't lie.  I had been turned on by girl-girl in the past.  I had even masturbated while watching it although the thought of actually doing what I saw the actors doing hadn't occurred to me.
"Oh, I've thought about it."  I said.  There was a slight tremble in my voice because I was doing exactly that.
She looked at me for a minute then said "Do you want to try it?  I think it looks hot."  By now I was more than a little intrigued with the idea and had even thought about whether Rosey would be up to trying it with me.  I told her I wouldn't mind trying it, but had no idea about how to go about it. 
Then she moved closer and turned to kiss me.  I pulled back a little,  without really knowing why I did.  I wanted it, she wanted it, so why not.   She didn't answer, but kept moving closer.  I was hesitant, but by now I was fascinated with the idea of kissing her.  I decided to kiss her if she wanted to.   I kissed her like a boy, mouth open, and she caught on.  Almost right away, we were frenching.  It was hot and I melted.  She moaned a little and we kissed really sexually, tongues flying, mouths open both of us getting more and more excited.  I felt her pulling my top up and I raised my arms to make it easier.  She threw it on the floor and leaned over to me, she started kissing and caressing my breasts.  I wasn't wearing a bra, I hardly ever did back then.  I felt her fingers gently squeezing my nipples, her tongue making magic on my nipples.
I pulled away a litttle. I was breathless  "have you ever done this before?"  I could hardy talk.
"Not really, but I've thought of being with you more than once."
She removed her top and moved back to me.  She didn't wear a bra either.  I tentatively touched her breasts and felt her hardening nipples.  As I did, she gasped and started to move her hips a little.  We held each other for a while, our breasts touching, our nipples rubbing on each other.  It was really good.
I felt her fingers on my pussy and now it was my turn to gasp and wriggle a little.  It was strange and yet somehow extremely exciting.  I touched her pussy through her shorts and she gasped and said something like take them off and touch me.  I stood and pulled my skirt down and while I did she took off her shorts.  We were in our panties now and the touch of her hands on my pussy was electric.  I was getting wet, and I could feel that she was too.
Finally I couldn't wait any longer to feel her touch me for real and I wriggled out of my panties.  She stared at my pussy, her eyes wide and her breath coming faster.  Then she stood and removed hers also.  We were naked in  front if each other.  The idea was exciting and overpowering.  I laid down on the couch and she got on almost on top of me.  She reached for me and began to caress my clit. 
"One thing about making love to another girl,"  she panted,  "You know just what feels good and so does she."
I was touching her clit now and making little circular motions, just the way I liked it on my own pussy.
In no time at all, our hands and tongues were in a fever.  I was biting her nipples as she began to put her fingers inside me, first one then two and finally I felt her sliding in and out with three fngers.  I was almost cumming already.  It was so hot. 
Suddenly, she stopped.  I was breathless and wanted more.  I moaned in disappointment. 
"Let's go to my bedroom."  She was as excited and breathless as I was.  "We can be a lot more comfortable there. 
I jumped off the sofa and took her hand,  I couldn't wait to get back to what we were doing.
We left our clothes right where we threw them and walked to the bedroom, stopping to kiss and touch often.  It took a while to get to the bedroom.  The next thing I knew, we were actually in the sixty-nine position.  Her tongue on my clit was driving me crazy and I tried to do the same to her.  Her pussy tasted sweet and wet and delicious.  We were both moaning and writhing now, close to orgasm and oblivious to the outside world.   Then at almost the same time, we climaxed.  I could barely hold on to her as she was bucking and writhing, and I knew I was doing the same.  I found out then that she was a squirter and I gasped as I tried to drink her juices as fast as they came.
After a while, we were both as sated as we could be for the moment and we leaned back and stared into each other's eyes.  I smiled as did she.  That was the first time I was ever with another woman. but all that summer and in to the fall, Rosey and I became lovers like none I had ever known.
We tried everything we saw on those porn sites and became expert at loving another woman.  We would set up little scenarios where one of us would seduce the other.  Rosey even somehow obtained a strap-on harness and we took turns with which of us would wear it and which would be fucked.  We made love everywhere and the sweet abandon of being with another woman almost dominated our time.  We especially enjoyed tribbing.  It was so close to actually fucking and let us get deep into each other.  The feel of her clit rubbing against mine was indescribable.  Sex with her was so good that for a time we stopped seeing boys and literally fell in love.
I still like men, and of course dogs, but sex with another woman has a special place for me.