Monday, June 17, 2013

How I became Knotlover

It was about four months since the divorce.  As nasty as it was, and as relieved as I was to be rid of him, I still missed the physicality of being with a man.  To be sure I had no shortage of sex with my vibrators, sometimes spending hours pleasing myself.  Mikey, the chocolate lab I had won in the custody battle would watch, probably puzzled at the transformation happening before his eyes as I went from his mistress to a screaming, wanton, writhing thing.

On that one particular day, mikey was, as usual, trying to push his nose into my crotch, a habit I had not really tried to break him of.  I knew all about dogs.  His sense of smell was probably his strongest sense and if he enjoyed smelling me down there, let him, I thought.  Then I had a sort of an inspiration.  I pulled my jeans and panties off and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs,  with my legs spread far enough to give him full access to my sweet spot.  I wanted to see what he would do if I wasn't pushing him away as I usually did.  He  went straight for my pussy.  His tongue was strong and very thorough as he started to lick me.  Mostly a little below my clit, but he was hitting my clit often enough to get me started.  Soon, I was wiggling and humping on that chair as he got me very close ot an orgasm.  I must have started to get wet because he got even more interested and began licking my pussy in earnest.   

I stopped him long enough to tear the rest of my clothes off, I wanted to be naked for him.  Then I let him back at me.  It was wonderful.  I had never been licked so well.  He seemed to want as much as he could get so I let him go on, finally having a strong orgasm, all the time telling him what a good boy he was, moaning a lot and moving around like I was on fire, which I was.  Between orgasm one and two, or three and four, I 'm not sure exactly which, I noticed his cock was beginning to emerge from its sheath.  Just the tip, but I was enthralled.  Like I said, I knew dogs, my father was a breeder so I had been around them all my life, and truth be told, I sort of fantasized at times when I was little about being a doggie-wife.

On a whim, I got down on the floor and, on my elbows and knees, tried to entice him to mount me.  I called him and slapped my ass to get his attention.  At first he was confused, trying to continue licking me from behind.  I felt his tongue on my pussy and my anus and its strength was thrilling and electric, but I wanted more.  I wiggled my ass a little to see if he would get the idea, but he kept licking.. I had another orgasm, and then the juices flowing out of me must have finally given him the idea because he tried to mount me.  At first he was clumsy, and he humped a little, then not sure of himself, he would get off.  I called him back, moving my ass and trying to entice him to try again.  He did.  Probably three or four times, he climbed on, humping the air and then he would stop and get off.   I was getting a little frustrated.  The next time he got on, I reached back and felt his penis.  About three inches was out of the sheath.  I moved myself into a better position and guided him to my pussy. 

Almost as soon as he felt my pussy, he started humping in earnest.  I felt him slide in, deeper with each thrust until his cock was in as deep as anything I had ever felt.  I was thrilled at its size and the heat was amazing.  Then it started to swell.  It got thicker than when it pushed inside and the feeling was so good I came right then and there.  As it grew inside me I began to feel the knot pressing directly on my g-spot.  I almost fainted it was so good.  I had another orgasm then another.  A train of constant orgasms coming faster and faster.  I must have been screaming it was so good, but he never broke contact.  He stayed buried inside me.  I kept telling him what a good boy he was when I could talk so he would be sure to know he was doing something I liked.  After about my sixth or seventh orgasm I think, I totally lost count, he had his.  The feeling of his hot sperm inside me triggered another, even stronger orgasm.  The strongest one I had ever had.   I could feel his hot juices pumping against my deepest self. 

Then it was over.  He pulled himself out and started to lick himself and me all over again.  I was almost unconscious with pleasure.  I felt his semen running down my legs as  I collapsed on the floor, still throbbing and pulsating from our adventure.

I spent the most of that remaining week naked, mostly on the floor with him on a doggie honeymoon.  We fucked as often as I could lure him into it.  Me thinking how wonderful it was to have so much pleasure, him thinking that he finally got to get at that pussy he had been smelling for so long.  After a few days, he got used to fucking me and got to the point where he had no problem mounting me and giving me the time of my life.  He had the perfect mate.  A bitch that never stopped being in heat.  I had the perfect mate, a cock that never tired and never argued about anything.  It was heaven, and it still this day.

Next:  two dogs and me.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Gemma Part two

For a few weeks after the rape, Gemma was still traumatized.  The pain of the encounter had faded, but she was still in shock.  She remembered the cold fear when she heard him tell her to take her clothes off.  She had fantasized like all girls her age and had masturbated at the idea of being with a man, yet the reality of the rape still terrified her. 

She remembered the dread she felt when he forced her down on the bed and forced himself between her knees, realizing that he would do what he wanted no matter what she said or did.  She was used and then discarded.  Her personal self had been violated along with her physical self and she resented the former as much the latter. At first she refused to believe that was true.  Then as time passed, it became apparent that she still wanted to have sex, but on her own terms.  Somehow the rape had traumatized her, but not dissuaded her from the idea of sex. 

His name was Jeff.  He was two years ahead of her at school,and for as long as she could remember he had been mooning about over her.  He was obvious and stricken. A fifteen year old boy who wanted to be with a girl but had no real idea what to do or how to do it.  Before the rape, Gemma hadn't given sex with any of the boys she knew much thought.  It was as if the rape had somehow acted as a crossed barrier.  Having been subjected to the worst sex had to offer, she now thought maybe there could be something better.  

He was perfect, she thought.  She knew he wanted her.  He had been obvious on more than one occasion.   She did want to try sex again.  Jeff would be more than willing and maybe this time she would be more in control of things.

Her opportunity came sooner  than she expected.  The school was holding a social.  Very prim and proper, boys and girls dancing under the watchful eye of the faculty, who were solidly of the opinion that nothing could happen.  She decided to make the first move and asked him if he was going to be there.  He visibly brightened at the fact that she was paying him any attention at all.   Of course he would go.  He hadn't thought he would until she asked him, now wild horses couldn't keep him away. 
The night of the dance, Gemma couldn't decide what to wear.  She didn't have much in the way of clothes for such an occasion, and she certainly didn't have anything that could be considered provocative.   After some indecision and rethinking, she decided to wear something that she could get out of quickly.  Her plan was to have sex with Jeff and she didn't want him fumbling around with her clothing.

As the dance progressed, she made it a point to dance with Jeff and to let him hold as close as he wanted.  She could feel his erection when they pressed together.  The feeling excited her.  She felt herself warming up also.  Was she wet?  It certainly felt like something was going on down there.  Finally, after about foru or five slow dances, she took  his hand and led him off the floor and out of the gym to a hallway that led to one of the laboratories.  Luckily it was unlocked and as she opened the door, she could hear his breathing begin to quicken.  Her own pulse was starting to climb as well.
They went to one of the tables and she jumped up on it and opened her legs for Jeff to stand between them.  He moved to her and began kissing her, his hands roaming all over her sweet young body.  He pushed her dress up and tried to feel her pussy.  She whispered that he should take her panties off and let him do just that.  By now he was red-faced and totally excited.  He undid his fly and his erection pushed out of his pants.  She looked at it and decided that it was definitely big enough. 

She lay back on the table and he pushed himself inside her.  She could feel his cock and it felt good.  Then almost right away, he had an orgasm.  She hadn't even started ot enjoy him and he was finished.  She was feeliing a little disappointed when she noticed he was getting hard again.  God bless 15 year old boys she thought.  This time he lasted long enough for Gemma to enjoy him, and to her surprise he actually brought her to an orgasm of her own. 

When they were finished, she got dressed and slid off the table.  He was looking at her in a way she hadn't seen before.  They made their way back to the dance as if nothing had happened, but for Gemma it was a revelation.  She still liked the idea of sex. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Taffina was terrified.  She was alone with a twenty-five year old man.  She was ten.  He was on his knees before her.  She stood there, trembling as he ran his hands over her body.  She was wearing a tee shirt and skirt.  His hands slipped under her skirt and she could feel them on her ass, stroking, caressing.   Then he put his hands under her shirt and stroked her nipples.  His touch was mesmerizing.  His hands felt hot and cool at the same time.  She could feel some response in her young body.  She had always been curious about sex, but this was something else altogether.  She was here voluntarily.  She knew that if she could be alone with him he would do what she wanted him to do, but now that it was happening, she was afraid.  He was so big.  Powerful.  She was just a child.

He tugged at her panties, pulling them down a little, exposing her ass.  Now his hands were on her bare skin.  She closed her eyes.  She couldn't look at him.  His face had transformed from what she described as handsome to some sort of almost evil leer.  She was having an effect on him and now she wasn't sure that she knew what she was doing anymore.  His eyes were vacant, he had become someone else.  His breathing was changing and she knew that he was becoming excited.  He kept crooning to her about his sweet little girl and that she shouldn't be afraid and that he wasn't going to hurt her.

Taffina was just beginning to develop into womanhood.  Her body was still a little girl body although her hips had started that flare into womanhood, and there was just a hint of down on her vagina.  Her nipples had started to become more sensitive lately, but she was really just a ten year old girl.  She had tried masturbating without much real success gauging her responses to her own fingers by what she saw when she secretly watched her older sister masturbate.  She had watched Celina more than once and wondered at how she was transported by her own touch.  Now feeling his hands on her young body, she began to understand.

He turned her to him and his fingers began to touch her vagina.  Careful, slow gentle stroking.  He was not rough in the slightest, for which Taffina was more than glad.   She felt a hint of pleasure from his touch.  He told her to take off her top.  As she did, his hands again began to roam over her ass, parting her cheeks and stroking her little bud.  She drew in a sharp breath.  Suddenly thrilled and ashamed at the same time as he stroked her anus.  Her eyes were wide open, her lips parted as she felt this new thrill.  She never even considered that part of her body before. 

He got up and sat on  the couch, pulling her along.  She was kneeling before him, and now he was seated on the couch.  He told her ot unzip his fly.  She hesitated, not sure what to do.  She was curious, and wanted more than anything to see his penis, but she knew that if she did as he asked there would be no turning back, if indeed turning back was even possible at this point.   She imagined how this looked.  A little ten year old girl kneeling there, being touched in the most intimate way, about to reach for his penis.  Finally, she did just that.  She opened his pants and saw his underwear bulging.  Then there it was.  An angry but fascinating thing.  It looked huge.  His breath was coming in gasps now as he told her to take off the rest of her clothes.  As she pulled down her skirt, her panties came along and suddenly she was standing naked in front of him.  He opened his pants the rest of the way and pushed them down below his knees.  Then he leaned back and told her to touch him.

She was torn.  Fear and fascination took turns moving her emotions.  She reached out and touched his penis.  He moaned as it got even harder, a drop of precum glistening at its head.  He told her to slowly move her hands up and down on it.  She was suddenly conscious of the fact that she had both hands around it.  It was beautiful and frightening at the same time.  Her body was responding in ways it had never responded before.  She felt wetness in her vagina and she was shaking. 

She began stroking it as he asked.  He leaned back and moaned. He told her to kiss it, to lick it near the top.  to take it in her mouth and let her lips caress it.  She was no longer terrified, now she was lost in the heat and stiffness in her hands, her lips as she worked him into a writhing moaning frenzy.  Her head moved up and down with a motion she didn't know, yet which was somehow familiar.  She forgot her initial fear.  This was wonderful.  He bucked and twisted a little, but she managed to keep herself in place, his penis in her mouth, her lips and tongue working.  Then he had his orgasm.  His semen shot out of his penis with force, almost gagging her as she tried swallowing as fast as she  could.  Then it was over.  He leaned back, his penis softening, his breath beginning to come back under control. 

He stood and lifted her up then, and laid her down on the couch.  He pushed her lags apart and began to stroke and lick her vagina, and suddenly she felt what she had imagined for the first time.  Her hips rose to meet his tongue, her hands in his hair, pulling him in.  She was not conscious of what was exactly happening, but she knew she had never felt this before.  Her hips moved of their own volition.  She was moaning and thrusting to him.  It was an orgasm.  It was amazing.  She felt ecstasy for the first time.  Finaly he stopped.  She wanted it to go in forever, but they were already late for class and they had to stop for now.  He was her teacher, and now she was his student in even more ways.

They promised to meet again when they had more time.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This is a story of someone I know who is new to the world of doggie sex, but not new to the world of trying to understand her sexuality.  She wanted to experiment with sex with a dog, but did not at the time have one and so she took the remarkable step of finding an agreeable dog owner, who would for a sexual consideration allow her to use his dog, whose name is Samson.  Samson is a large dog, and Gemma (her name) was very apprehensive after she saw his size in the photo she received during her preparation.  She knew little about sex with dogs, but was aware of the knot. 

She contacted me for some encouragement, information, and a sort of hand to hold while she went through her first time with a canine.  To say she was unsure is an understatement.  She almost backed out a couple of times, and only after assurances from me, and some internal soul-searching on her part did she finally go through it.  During this one month period leading up and culminating with sex with Samson. Gemma and I became sort of friends. 

Gemma had pretty much an ordinary childhood.  She went to school, had girlfriends and boyfriends, participated in sports and wondered about sex and what that was all about.  She started masturbating,like most girls around eleven, and fantasized about what it was really like to be with a boy.

When she was 13 she attended a party.  Most of the people there were her school chums, some from classes ahead of her and some of her contemporaries.    Almost immediately after she arrived at the party,  she and one of her girlfriends were accosted by two men.  One of them was younger, possibly 16, the other was much older, at least 25.  The men took Gemma and her friend upstairs and pushed them each into different bedrooms.  She was with the older of the two.  Gemma was terrified.  She had no idea what was in store.  The man gruffly told her to take her clothes off or he would hurt her.  Frightened more than she ever was, she complied.  He threw her down on the bed and raped her.  The pain she felt was excruciating.  She was a virgin, and now she was being used in the most vile way.    He forced himself into her.  She tried to resist but her strength just wasn't enough and eventually she laid there as he pushed himself inside her.  She thought it would never end.

When he was finished, she thought it was over but then the other man, the younger of the two came into the room and forced her to perform fellatio on him.  The older man went to the other room, and began to rape the other girl.  The were trading off the two of them.   Gemma began to think it would never end.  Finally, sated and beginning to realize that somebody might miss the girls, the two men ended the ordeal.   Gemma and her friend were allowed to return to the party.  They were told to say nothing.    Gemma, still terrified and stunned at the whole thing, she did just that.  She told the other girl to remain silent also.

SHe never reported the rape to the authorities because her father was so sick at the time she thought the notoriety of a trial would kill him.  Instead, she lived with what happened from then on till now, some 17 years later.

The rape affected her entire life.  She found herself at times using sex as a sort of panacea, deciding that if she could call the shots sexually it would somehow mitigate the fact that she had suffered so cruelly against her will in her first sexual encounter. 

To this day, Gemma has not fully recovered from that event that happened so early in her life. 

Is this the end of Gemma's story?  Hardly. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I get a lot of requests from interested people in just how to initiate sex with a K9.  My experiences notwithstanding, I am looking for a site that has readily available instructions of this type.  If anyone knows of such a site (free, of course) please let me know at
I ask for this because I just don't have the inclination to continuously type such instructions again and again.