Friday, April 21, 2017

I robot, do you?

It was about six years ago.  I was about 27 and living with a smoking hot 18 year old named Shellie.  Actually Michelle, but she hated that name and preferred Shellie.   She was working as a porn model at the time we were together and she was away a lot, filming with other women and getting paid for having girl-girl sex.  Which seemed to me to be the ideal situation.
I was curious as to what it must have felt like getting big bucks for doing what you would do for nothing, and I asked her about it.  She laughed and said it was not all peaches and cream.  There was genuine work to it and she felt that she earned every penny she made.  I laughed back and told her that I thought she was nuts.
She told me a story about the time she made a film about a girl who fell in love with sex machinery.  The plot line was simple.  This girl manages to get a machine called a Sybian.  I never heard of one of those so I asked what the hell a Sybian was.    Shellie explained that it was a sort of industrial strength vibrator that one straddles.  It has a vibrating component strategically placed at the clitoris as well as a rotating vibrating dildo, the size of which could be changed to any size that the "rider" desired.   Ten minutes on one of these things, Shellie explained and you were completely fucked out.  She told me the range of vibrations and speed of the dildo took  woman from 0 to 60 in no time at all.
Well, in the story, the girl loves riding her Sybian so much she begins to wonder about other available sex machines.  It turns out there are many different kinds of "fucking machines".  One of the ones she saw was a miracle machine that had a piston-like interchangeable dildo with a varying range of speeds and vibrations.  It was extremely expensive.  All told about three thousand dollars.  All controlled, like the Sybian, by a remote console.  There were other machines that sucked nipples and sprayed water on to clits, and just about any kind of movement that one could dream up.  But the piston machine became her fantasy.  So much money, but worth it?
Anyway the girl in the story saves her money and finally one day takes delivery of her fantasy machine.  The set-up instructions were clear and in no time she had it unpacked and all ready for some fantastic loving.
First she tried it fucking her doggie style.   She used the dildo that came with it, lubed up and backed on to the thing.  She adjusted the speed, slow at first then faster and faster until is was a blur.  She had orgasm after orgasm.  Between her Sybian and this new machine she got completely fucked as often as she could.  Then one day she realized that she had feelings for her fucking machine.  It made her feel so good and was always there for her.  She named it Frank.  She liked her Sybian also but had no desire to name it.  It was just a thing.  Every day when she came home from work, she would call out to Frank.
"Hi, honey, I'm home."
Of course Frank would say nothing.  Not even a little buzz.
"I'm so hot for a nice long fuck, honey, are you ready for me?"
Frank remained silent.
She would get undressed and take a moment to decide which dildo Frank would use and which position they would fuck in and then it was in position and away Frank went, busily completing her dreams.
She became so enthralled with her lover Frank she spent more and more time with him  Sometimes an entire weekend.  She had so much fun with him.  He knew just what to do and how to do it.  In the end, she finally became so enamored with Frank she decided to introduce him to her family.  That was the end of Frank.  The movie ends with her still in the asylum but improving and hardly thinking of Frank any more.  She does however have a new secret vibrator that she calls Jim.  Nobody knows about Jim.
Shellie told me that playing the girl in the film was exhausting.  Take after take, so many orgasms... I looked at her in time to catch the little smile she has on her face whenever she tries to tell m a whopper.  Still not sure if it was or not. That smile could just have been remembering a nice time.


It's hard for me to say exactly when it started.  I know I was maybe nine or a little younger and Jerry, my brother was a year older than me so we were young.  Kids really.  We grew up in a three bedroom house in Gary Indiana.
My dad was still with us even though he and my mom fought all the time.  Sometimes when they were really going at it, we'd crawl into bed together and listen to the hate pouring out in the other room.
"I wish they would stop it at least when we're around"  my brother almost crying.  Face into the pillow so I wouldn't see.
I was somehow more used to the fighting, or at least I didn't mind it as much as he did.
"I don't care what they say to each other as long as there's no hitting"
My brother turned to me, "I haven't seen any hitting for a while."
He was so cute with his pouty face and teary eyes.  I reached for him and put my arms around him.  I might have been his little sister, but I was somehow tougher and more mature than he was at times.
We held on to each other as the noise and yelling in the other room subsided a little and it finally grew quiet.  We were listening, trying to figure out what was happening.  After a while, as it got later we drifted off to sleep, still in each other's arms.   He stirred a few times and when he did I woke up.  He had slipped from under the sheet and I could see a strange lump in his underwear bottoms.  That's what we wore to bed.  Never had real pajamas.  Anyway I knew what was there, but I had never seen it standing up like that.  I was curious, but I didn't know what to do about it so I did nothing.  Just wondered what had caused his little "thing" as I called it to stand up like that.  I felt some strange stirrings myself.  They seemed to be naughty, but I really didn't know why.
A couple of nights later, my mom and dad were not fighting and were in their bedroom together.  I was always worried about my dad hurting my mom and I decided to sneak over to their room and make sure there was no hitting going on.  The door was not fully closed and I could hear them.
"Jack, make sure you wear a rubber"  I heard my mom say.  I had no idea what she meant.
"Don't worry,. I don't want any more brats around here any more than you do."
"Fine.  I'm so horny.  I don't like doing this when we're not getting along, but I just need it so bad."
"I don't care.  I still think you are a class one piece of ass"  He was almost growling.
I peeked in as much as I could and was shocked to see my mom and dad doing what they were doing.  I was always told that doing that was a sin and nasty beside.  But they both seemed to be having a really good time.  Sort of.  My mom was gasping and my dad was grunting as he kept pushing his enormous thing in and out of my mom's pussy.  They were getting more and more excited and making moaning sounds.  My mom was wiggling and pushing back and my dad's face got real red and then it seemed to be over but not until they both gave out a sort of cry.  I knew what they were doing, it was called fucking, but I couldn't believe that my parents did such a thing.   It was dirty and nice people didn't do that.  I was stunned as I turned to go to my room.  So nasty yet they both liked it a lot.  I could tell.  What struck me more than anything else was how big my dad's thing was and how much my mom seemed to enjoy what they were doing.  Of course I knew a little about the birds and the bees but had no idea about how fucking entered into that little story.
A couple nights later, they were in their bedroom again and this time they remembered to close the door.  Jerry was fast asleep as I snuck to the place where I could see into their room.  I saw the door was closed but knew I could open it a little with no noise.  I looked in.  They had the lights on and this time they were doing something even odder than fucking.  My mom had my dad's thing in her mouth.  He was laying back and really enjoying what she was doing.  She kept moving her head up and down on his thing and touching herself between her legs while she was doing it.  She seemed as excited as he was.  I heard a buzzing sound but had no idea what it was.
Again I was dumbfounded.  So dirty and naughty.  It really was.  And it was my parents doing that.  I was hurt and a little disgusted but also somehow it made me feel a little naughty for seeing it and I actually was kind of wondering what all that felt like.  Feelings I had never felt before were stirring in me.  I was always curious about things, and had learned things from the street, but this was past anything I ever saw.  Suddenly my mom stopped mouthing my dad and grabbed his thing and moved her hand up and down, like she had been doing with her mouth.  Then my dad started moving around and then I saw some stuff come squirting out of his thing.  I couldn't understand what I was seeing.
I couldn't sleep that night and before it was daylight I talked myself into trying what my mom was doing to her pussy to myself.  It felt good.  I was feeling more and more pleasure from what I was doing.  Finally I had a feeling I had never felt before and I almost cried out loud it felt so good.   When it had passed, I laid back and started feeling guilty about what I had just done.  It was naughty and dirty and most probably a sin.  But it was so good.
A few weeks later, we went to visit my aunt.  She lived in another town and when we visited her Jerry and I had to sleep in the same bed.  My head was still swirling with the things I had seen in the last few weeks or so and I really had no plans for anything dirty that night.  After we went to bed, Jerry fell asleep almost right away.  I laid there thinking about my mom and her fingers moving on her special place.  I was not sleepy and finally I could stand it no longer.  I slipped my panties off and started touching myself.   I had done it more than a few times by now and I knew what to do to get that special swoon-y feeling.  It took a little while but soon I was kind of moving and getting into it when I suddenly realized that Jerry was watching me. \
"What are you doing?"  he asked, his eyes as big as quarters.
"Nothing."  I lied.
"I know what you're doing and it's naughty." He tried to pretend he was shocked but his little smile gave him away.  I noticed the bulge in his underwear was back and now I was curious about what he had there in his underwear pants.  I reached to it and touched it, rubbing through the fabric.  He jumped back and almost fell out of bed.
"Stop that.  You're bad.".  Again he was not very convincing with his outrage and I reached for him again.  This time he didn't move.  I was moving my hand like my mom had done to my dad and Jerry's thing got as hard as a rock..  I told him to pull his bottoms off so I could see it.  He didn't waste a second.  There it was.  Not as big as dad's but still bigger than I had ever seen it.  We were both breathing a little funny and I wanted to try that thing with my mouth like mom.
"I want to kiss your peepee"  I was really feeling naughty both because I was seeing an erection for the first time and because I had already worked myself up to a near orgasm, which I didn't know was what I was near.  Jerry just looked at me as if he couldn't believe I was his sister.
"What?"  he said.  His eyes growing even bigger.
Instead of replying, I just slid down in the bed enough to reach him with my mouth and began moving my mouth up and down on his penis.  He just sighed and laid back, like I had seen my dad do when my mom was doing to him what I was doing to Jerry.   Jerry's cock seemed to grow in my mouth.  He was laying there, trying not to move but I could see he was enjoying what I was doing.  I continued to touch myself and in no time had myself going.  Jerry lost it and began to move his hips pushing in when i was going down and moving back when I was moving up.  It made it a little harder to concentrate, but I somehow liked the feeling of his penis at the back of my throat.  I felt his penis go into some sort of throbbing, pumping motion and suddenly there were a few drops of something I couldn't identify but which tasted good somehow.
"God, Tiff, that was amazing.  Where did you learn that?"
I was busy with myself at that moment and couldn't answer.
Then I had that delicious feeling and then it was gone.
Once we had broken the ice as it were, Jerry and I would sneak to be together every chance we could.  Sometimes I would go to his bedroom and sometimes he would come to mine.   We eventually tried fucking and we found that to be a lot of fun.  By time I was eleven, we were fucking like an old married couple.  Somehow instinctively, we learned that fucking could be done in other positions.  I especially loved doggie style.  Jerry loved 69.  He got to be very good at bringing me to orgasm with his tongue and lips and I refined my technique of giving him blow jobs.  We managed to get condoms and for a long time we fucked free and clear of anyone else knowing what we were doing at night. Our haven of brother-sister depravity went on for altogether about three years or so.
Then, as it must happen, our good thing came to an end.
One night, we were engaged in our favorite brother and sister activity.  I think Jerry was fucking me anally, something I discovered I liked a lot,  and we were both close to cumming and oblivious to the world at that moment.  Suddenly the door flew open and there stood mom and dad.  For a minute they just looked, saying nothing, out of shock I supposed.  Then mom turned to dad and said, "See, I told you they were fucking.  I looked at them, trying to think of something that I could say but I knew there was no explaining what they were seeing.
Then they did something I'll never forget..  They stripped naked and climbed in bed with us.
"Well Tiffy, I think it's time you get some real cock for a change."  said dad as he proceeded to get behind me and push his big cock deep into my pussy.  I saw stars for a minute and then it got really good.  I looked over at mom and Jerry and they were in a really hot 69.  Dad fucked the shit out of me that night.  I think I came three or four times.  I thought to myself that was what a really well practiced cock felt like.  Jerry and mom were squirming around, each cumming into the other's mouth.  The next time I looked at them Jerry had his cock buried in mom's ass.
We have been doing this ever since.  Sometimes it's dad and Jerry in a really heavy homo session, ass-fucking and all, while mom and I have girl-girl sex, or rather girl-woman sex..  Most of the time it's strictly hetero with me and dad doing everything we can think of while mom and Jerry have a roaring time.  And, maybe as a effort toward conventionality, Jerry and I will pair up while mom and dad fuck.  Not that there is ever any conventionality to our lives any more.  We have marathon sessions.  Weekends are almost all day in the rack  trying to think up new ways to please each other.  Our family looks like a very happy family of four to outside eyes, but our secret to a successful family set of relationships would bowl most of them over.  I'm sixteen now and I have had more fucking in more ways than most people.  We are thinking of getting a couple of nice Labrador retrievers to spice things up a little.
Oh, and by the way, mom and dad never argue any more.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

My second try at bondage

I was in Chicago, visiting my family when I met Emily.  My sister Brandi (the straight one) and I were having a drink at a downtown bar.  The bartender was a lady and she was really good.  Like Tom Cruise in that movie she could do all the flips and trick pours while keeping up a steady line of chatter. I'm guessing her tips were astronomical because she was very entertaining.
My sister is a stunning brunette, and very attractive.  It wasn't too long before the bartender was sort of hanging around us between serving other customers.  She was busy so we couldn't talk much but I got a vibe from her that she was into women.  Mostly from the way she would look at us.  I've seen that look before and probably gave it as often as I got it.  My gay-dar is excellent.  She finally caught a break and came down to where we were sitting.
"So, are you two a couple?"  she asked.  "You are really a cute pair"
My sister almost choked on her drink as she quickly set the record straight.  She told the bartender that we were sisters.  And she was about as hetero as one woman can get.
"Funny, I got a sort of read that you guys were not straight"  she was wiping the bar.
"We're not both straight"  I said.  "I am gay.  Most of my life."  I added
"Where are you from?"  she asked, still wiping.
"Well I live in Norwood" my sister said, "But Tiffy lives in Muncie Indiana."
"Yeah"  I added, "Podunkville USA"
We spent the next ten minutes making small talk when Emily asked me if I got to Chicago often.  I told her maybe once a month maybe a little more often.  She asked if I stayed with my family.  I told her that I did when I could stand it, but sometimes I stayed at a motel out on the edge of town.  My parents were not so understanding about my "lifestyle" as my Mom called it.
She pulled a business card out of a pocket and wrote something on it and then handed it to me.
"One of these times you come to the city you should give me a call."  she said.  "I can show you some places in this town you won't believe."
I didn't say anything, as I took her card, but I had grown up in Chicago and probably knew some places that would curl her hair.
"Yeah, I'd like that.  When are you off work?"
"My schedule is a little helter-skelter but I can find some time if you want to see Chicago. Weekends are tough, but I get some time off mostly daytime, mostly mid week.  It's a little rough finding anybody who keeps a schedule like that."
I was interested.  She was cute and had a really tight little body.  And she was obviously friendly and maybe a little on the make.  Fine with me, I was usually that way also.
After about a month of back and forth phone calls, I decided to see what Emily was all about.  We had talked some about a lot of things including most of our sexual preferences.  Finally, I decided to take a run to the windy city and I called her to see of she would be free.  She picked up right away.  At least she was home.
"Hi, this is Tiffy.  I'm coming in to the city today and was wondering if you had some time?"
"I sure do.  How long will it take you to get here?  It just happens that  I'm on a three day vacation.  that started today.  I was just going to call you"
I told her that I was free for a couple of days also and that  I could be in Chicago in about three hours.
"You still have my card?  she asked.
"Yes.  I think I can find your place if you still live there."
"Still here.  I don't move around much.  This apartment is just too good to give up."
"Okay, I guess I'll see you in about three or so hours."
I hung up.  I was ready to go.  My neighbor was taking care of the puppies, and I had figured I would take off as soon as I verified her address.
The drive is boring but during the week traffic on Rte 30 is always mostly trucks and it's four lane all the way so I was making time.  It was just under three hours later when I parked on her street in a neighborhood called Lincoln Park. Fairly nice neighborhood, lots of condos and I knew it was an expensive neighborhood.
She answered the door wearing a see-through nighty that was next to nothing.  Kinda took my breath away.  She moved to me and cupped my face in her hands and kissed me.  Open mouth, tongue writhing as she pressed against me.  I wasn't much for  wasting time either and my hands began exploring her sweet little body.  I slid my hand inside the waistband of her panties and felt her pussy.  She was wet and ready.  I knew I was too.  We paused to breathe a little and she took my hand and led me to her bedroom.
"I could use a shower.  I don't feel so fresh right now."  I said, hoping she would want to join me.  I always found that a lot of the best sex starts in the shower.
"Sure.  I'll join you"  she was naked in a second.
I was literally tearing my clothes off.  She adjusted the water and stepped in to the shower, I was right behind her.  It was a big shower.  Plenty of room for two especially two like us, rather small women.  Her body was perfect.  She was cleanly shaved and her breasts were sweet and small like mine.  I wanted to kneel in front of her and taste her pussy.  We were kissing and pressed together as the warm water cascaded over us.  She was delicious.  Her mouth was alive as was mine.  Kissing  somehow was enough right then because it was so sensual.  Our legs were intertwined, we were rubbing our bodies together as our hands explored each other in a pretense at soaping up.  We were both getting into it.  I couldn't find enough places to put my hands and hers were as feverish as mine.  Some moaning and a lot of wet kisses later I was ready to do anything she wanted.  We had sex right there in the bathroom.  It was a large room and we were all over it.   I found that she had real wiry strength.  We were the same size almost to the pound, but she was much stronger.  She could lift me and she put me in any position she wanted me in.  I was loving it.  We tribbed and had a delicious 69 and literally wore each other out.  Must have been over two hours.  She asked me if I ever fisted another woman and I told her yes.  She insisted on me doing that to her.  Then she did it to me.  You establish a sort of trust when you let another woman push her entire hand inside you,  And eye contact during that is intimate.  We must have shared twenty orgasms before we both lay back and caught our breath.  Maybe five minutes of just breathing.
"Do you want some wine?"  she was sweating and we both still needed a shower
"Sounds excellent."
"Come on, I've got a really good red in the kitchen."
We made for the kitchen and a glass of wine.  I thought that this was going to be a week worth remembering.
We were sitting in her living room, sipping our wine, both still completely naked.
"You know, there's something I wanted to ask you but I just couldn't help getting carried away when I saw you at my door." she said.
"What was it?"
"I hope I don't freak you out, have you ever tried playing at a little bondage?"
"I tried it once, a long time ago, with a guy,  It was fun for a while but then he disappointed me and left me strung up in his basement all night.  He said he forgot me."
"Don't see how that would be possible."  she smiled.  "So a guy?  I thought you were gay."
"That was at a time when I was still bi.  I really didn't know what I was then."
"So how about it?  Ever think of trying it again, maybe with the right person?"
"I wouldn't mind trying it with you, but I have this thing about pain.  I don't enjoy it."
"I don't play that way.  I don't like pain either, but there is something about pleasure being heightened when you are under someone else's control."
"Well, what did you have in mind?"
"Later.  Let's get something to eat and then we'll play some really nice games.  OK?"
We had what could only be called breakfast and talked, mainly on the subject of bondage.  She told me she had tried a few things and would be glad to share with me.  For my part, I was getting interested and maybe a little warm at the prospect of something new and naughty.  I always loved naughty.
We went back to her bedroom and she showed me her bondage toys.  Some restraint stuff, ropes, padded handcuffs and the like.  I asked her what she wanted me to do, I decided to trust her.
"Get on the bed, and spread your legs,"  she said.
I complied eagerly.  I was going to play this to the hilt.  I laid down and spread wide,  She took a couple short pieces of rope and tied me to the bed, using some sort of hookups that were already in place.  She must have done this regularly, I thought. In just a minute I was spread-eagled, tied down, hand and foot, and very helpless.  She started on me with a type of vibrator that I called "little buzzy"  She played with my nipples, buzzing and rubbing them.  Kissing me all the time.   I felt it and it did something to me that I hadn't felt before with my breasts.
"Wow, that feels amazing." I said.  My breath was getting a little faster and my voice was changing its tone to the one I recognized from past sex.
"Wait, I'm just getting started."  she was getting a little breathless also.
Then she lifted my body so she could put a couple of pillows under me.  She was so strong it was no effort for her.  I was there, with my pussy up in the air.  she had a vibrator that was designed for anal play.  She was lubing it.
"Do you like a little ass-play?  she asked.  Her voice seemed to tremble,  I could see her eyes had widened.  She was really in to this stuff.  
"Actually I kind of like it."  I was a little trembly too.
She put the vibe in my ass and turned it on.  It was delicious.  I was getting hotter and knew that my first orgasm was not far off.  She bent down and licked my clit.  Not sustained, but brushing licks followed by looking up at me.  Her eyes full now and looking at me.  The vibe in my ass was getting to me.  Then she went to her bedside table and pulled a strap-on out of the drawer.  The dildo looked enormous.  I had a few qualms, and my reaction seemed to push her forward harder.  She strapped it on and turned on the vibe part.  It was touching her clit and she was getting ready to cum herself.  I could see that.
"I'm going to fuck your brains out my dear.  I need to fuck you.  I want to fuck you."
I was moaning and moving as much as the ropes would let me but it wasn't much.   The vibe in my ass was getting to me and I had my first orgasm before she ever pushed her strap on cock into me.
I was going wild.
"Oh, Em, fuck me now.  Push that big cock into me and fuck me senseless.  I love this.  God I'm cumming again."
I was thrashing around as much as I could.  Her "cock" was big and I felt every inch of it as the combination of a cock in my ass and pussy at the same time was driving me wild.  She was tireless.  She fucked me until I had I don't know how many orgasms.   Who could count?  She was beautiful and the sight of her as she relentlessly fucked me was entrancing.  I couldn't move as much as I wanted and she was spot on, her vibrating cock driving into me to again and again.  I didn't realize it but the vibe in her strap-on was giving her orgasms as well.
Then, still wearing the strap-on. she released my bonds and turned me over, pulling me to her.  The vibe in my ass fell out but that didn't slow her down.   She plunged her massive "cock" into me and continued fucking me.  I was almost passing out with pleasure.
"In my ass."  I pleaded.
"Are you sure?" she asked.
"yes, now."  I wanted that huge cock in my ass.  I needed to have one more orgasm and that was what I wanted.
She obliged and pushed that vibrating giant in to my ass.  It took less than a minute and then I had another delicious orgasm from anal sex that I loved so much.  
Finally she pulled out.  I was almost unconscious, but still cumming.  I laid there for maybe a minute maybe more.   She laid next to me, her cock still vibrating as she had an orgasm. We were so wet, our juices were running down our legs.  I was done for the moment, but she had yet another orgasm.  I watched as she writhed and moaned and finally lay still.
It was finally quiet in the bedroom when she turned off the vibrator and took off the strap-on harness. We laid there in each other's arms for a while.  I was spent.  It was only one P.M., and I felt like I had been fucking for two days.
"If that's bondage, count me in for a lot more,"   I finally was able to gasp  And that was what happened.  We spent three days "torturing" each other that week.  I have been back to get more a few times since and we still keep  in contact.  She has a steady girl friend now who fortunately likes three-ways so I still get to the windy city as often as I can.  We have yet to go touring beyond that magical bedroom.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bowling for The Knot

I was bowling in a late league that year.  I like bowling and nothing else was open.  We usually finished at around 11:30 PM and normally I went straight home after.  The next day was a work day.  Except on that particular night.  Work was closed for some minor construction and I was off.  So I went into the little bar that served the bowlers and ordered a beer.
Sitting at the bar was a lady I didn't recognize.  I knew most of the bowlers in our league and she was not one of them.  She was about forty, maybe forty-five.  And she had been there for a while.  She looked a little unsteady even sitting on a bar stool.   I took a couple of sips, sneaking a look at her once in a while.  She was pretty in a sort of used up way.  Somewhat faded but still nice to look at.
There was nobody else in the place and when I got my second beer I started to talk to her.
"Do you know anybody on the league?"  I asked.
She looked at me for a moment like she hadn't heard.
Then she replied "No I just came in here to get loaded."
She thought for a minute and then said "Looks like I got it done."
I sort of chuckled at that and she smiled.  She had a really nice smile.  I finished up and left for home.
The following week, she was there again.  I was not really ready for a late night of drinking, but after we finished bowling I went to the bar for just one little beer.  After three beer frames and a couple of extras, I was already a little tipsy.
I sat a stool away from her and as I sat and signaled the bar tender for my usual, I turned and asked her if she was working on getting loaded again.   A puzzled look on her face told me that she didn't remember me from last week.  Awkwardly I told her about us meeting the week before.  She smiled that nice smile again and remembered me.
She told me that she was indeed getting a load on and I offered to buy her a drink..She was drinking a red wine.  We sat for a while, neither of us saying much when she apparently had reached that point where drunks start to tell their life story.
She was single, divorced for about five years and living alone in a pretty nice part of town. Her name was Maria.  She had no children and kind of wondered lately if that had been a mistake.  It was her Cadillac I had seen in the parking lot and it was brand new.  She liked drinking at the bowling alley because she knew she would never run into anybody that knew her there.
I could see that she was more drunk than I was, which wasn't saying much.  She wasn't slurring her words but her eyes were sort of wandering around and half closed.  I was getting to the point where I wasn't feeling a lot of pain either. We had been drinking for about an hour when I told her I had to go.   I asked her if she was planning to drive home and she said she was going to call a cab.  Not a lot of cabs out at one in the morning, so I volunteered to give her a ride home.  I really had no plans of doing anything except provide a ride.  After thinking about my offer for a minute she asked if I was sober enough to drive.  When I told her I was always able to drive no matter how much I drank, she asked me if I wanted to share her cab.  Prudently I agreed.
The hour notwithstanding, there was a cab, and by time it showed up we had one or two more drinks.  I had switched to vodka rocks because I was getting a little bloated on beer.  We piled into the cab and she gave her address.  I recognized the part of town she lived in as pretty swanky, mostly half million dollar and up homes, I had driven there before, mostly just to gawk.
She paid for her share of the cab fare and asked if I wanted to come in for one more.  I was really blasted by this time and I just had to get home to let the dogs out and try to get some sleep so I declined.  I saw a look of disappointment on her face, but I just couldn't drink any more and make it to work the next day.  She slipped a business card into my hand and asked for my number. She wrote it down.  I left her there.  She was able to get inside her house so The cab and I went home.
A couple of days later, she called.  I recognized her voice at once.  She asked me if I had any plans for the upcoming week-end.  I didn't.
"Would you like to go out for dinner Friday?" she asked.
"Sure why not?"   I was a little curious what was on her mind and of course, Although I really didn't know much about her, I liked her and I was actually looking forward to spending a little time with her.  I told her I had to come home at some point in the evening to let the dogs out and she told me to bring them along. She said she loved dogs.  It was settled.  We would meet at her place and figure out what to do from there.
Friday rolled in and I was at her place about ten minutes late.  Didn't want to seem too eager.  Even if I was.  I didn't bring the boys.  That would have been just too much.  My neighbor dog-sat for me at times and she had agreed to do that this time.  Maria answered the door and she took my breath away.  She was wearing clothes that I had only seen on fashion shows.  Some sort of a pants outfit with big flared legs and a revealing top.  I must have been staring because she asked me if it was too much.  I came out of it long enough to mumble how beautiful she looked.  We went into her parlor and she poured me  a glass of wine.  I was wearing my usual clubbing outfit.  A short skirt, soft top and heels.  I wore hose for a change and was glad that I wasn't completely under dressed.  Mostly, but not as much as usual.
"I hope wine is OK.   I do have some vodka but it's not the best"
I told her wine was alright.  Her furniture was comfortable and I leaned back on the sofa I was sitting on and drank a little of my wine.  "where would you like to go for dinner?"  I asked her.  I wasn't sure I knew any place in town that would be in keeping with her obvious upscale tastes.
"If it's alright with you, we can have dinner here.  It's all prepared and the cook has it in the warming oven."  She was looking at me in a strange way, and I was already feeling the wine, getting warmer and a little looser.  She had a way of making you relax, and as we chatted I was starting to feel the wine even more.
"May I ask you something?" she said.
"Sure, anything."
"I think I know who you are."  she said.
Not getting her meaning I must have looked a little puzzled.  "What do you mean?"  I asked.
"You're Tiffany Morgan.  I mean you're knotlover.  On the internet..."
I was a little surprised.  A lot of people knew who I was but mostly people who were into my blog and were into the same things I was.  I was hardly ever recognized because I used a photo of someone else as my avatar on line.
"How did you know?"  I asked
"Your name.  I have read your blog and I follow you."
"Are you put off by that?"
"No, you see I am a sort of knotlover myself."
"But you don't have a dog.  I haven't seen one or heard one."
"Oh I have a dog.  In fact I have two of them.  They're Great Danes and they are my lovers.  You should meet them."
"I think I'd like that."  I was a little apprehensive.  If she was really having sex with Great Danes, she was more of a knot lover than I was.
"They are very well trained.  I have taught them to behave.  They are so big that they would wreck the house if they started playing in here"  She smiled as if remembering some pleasant memory.
She got up off the couch and I stood.  She came over to me and asked if I would mind if she kissed me.
"You are very pretty."  she said.  "We will become good friends"
We kissed, a little tentative at first then suddenly we were all tongues and little moans.  I really liked Maria and she was hot in a refined sort of way.
"Come with me," she said.  "Before I forget what we were doing"
We went further into the house, which was gigantic.  I figured four bedrooms at least.  There was a family room and there sat two of the biggest dogs I had ever seen.  Great Danes are massive and these two were no exception.  As soon as they saw us, they came to us all wagging tails and smiley faces.
"Their names are Jupiter and Zeus."  she said,  "and I treat them like the gods they are"
She came to me and we kissed again.  Her hands were all over my body and I was enjoying every caress.
She pulled away, a little breathless as was I.   The wine and the anticipation getting to me a little.
"Let's get comfortable."  she said as she started to undress.  I followed suit, and in a minute was naked except for my hose.
I moved to her and we started touching each other.  She was hot and I was hotter.  Sloppy kisses and moans as I felt her fingers touching my pussy.  I touched her clit and felt that she was wet.
"How would you like to have Zeus right now? she asked.
"I'm not sure I can handle him.  I've only been with my labs"  I was actually intrigued at the prospect of having one of those massive knots inside me.  I had seen them in videos but never imagined I would have an opportunity.
"Here, you can use this." she said as she moved a a footstool  toward me.  "You will have to position yourself a little higher for these big boys. "
"Does he know how to lick my pussy?" I asked.  I was really getting into it now, and wanted to get everything I could out of this experience.
"Sit down on the couch and spread your legs"  she said as she called Zeus to me.
I spread my legs and he was at my pussy in a flash.
His tongue was strong and large.  He was hitting every note as he licked my pussy.  He kept hitting my clit and in a minute I was feeling the first orgasm coming.  I was wiggling and bucking a little by now and he never missed a beat.  I forgot where I was as the first orgasm hit me and just let it cum.
He wasn't going to stop and I probably could have just stayed there all night, but I was determined to feel that massive knot so I pushed him away as I got on the stool, kneeling as I reached forward and leaned against the couch.  My pussy was much higher than when I fucked my labs.  But Zeus knew exactly what to do.  He was well trained.  I felt his heavy body on me as he jumped up, placing his front paws with me between them.  I could feel him searching for my pussy, humping a little as he tried to find me.
Then he did.  I felt his penis sliding inside me, so far not much different than my labs.  He humped his cock deep inside me and I almost had another orgasm right there.  His cock started to swell and I was feeling every bit of it, the tip caressing my cervix, gently opening it.  I was almost cumming already and then I felt his knot beginning to swell.  It was so big.  My pussy was being stretched. His knot was right on my G-spot and I had another orgasm, Calling his name and telling him what a good boy he was, just like I did with my labs.  His knot was getting still bigger.  I was being stretched farther than I had ever been.  "Oh god"   I heard myself say.  "Oh sweet Jesus"  "Oh fuck.   Oh fuck me you big bastard."  Another orgasm was coming. I was having them at a one a minute clip  He was finally done growing  but he was just getting starting fucking my brains out.  I was humping against him, now as much  an animal as he was.  Maybe more. I heard somebody screaming "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me"  It was me.  I have this way of rotating my hips when I'm fully knotted and that motion just drives me up a wall.  I was cumming so hard and so often.  It was wonderful.
In a lucid moment I looked to see what Maria was doing and I saw her laying on the love seat, getting fucked by Jupiter missionary style. Her face was red and she was cumming, like me again and again. Jupiter was licking her face and I saw her tongue licking his.
Then Zeus's knot took over my consciousness and I saw stars and planets as I was cumming again.  I was wailing now, almost screaming.  His knot was so massive, so tight against my g-spot.  I had never felt anything like this.  I couldn't believe how intense the orgasms were.  My labs were good, but this was stellar.  I was truly locked to Zeus. I was a bitch, wailing my pleasure as he held me in his power.  His knot truly locking me to him.  So big.  So much pleasure.  An endless stream of orgasms.
Then I felt him cum inside me.  The strong torrent of his sperm splashing against my cervix.  I had yet another orgasm as I felt his hot seed pour into me.  I was his bitch.  It seemed as if it would never end and then his knot started reducing, releasing me.  I wanted it to go on longer, but he was done with me.  His juices were running out of me as he got down and went to a corner licking his cock as he laid down.  
I looked over at Jupiter and Maria.  He was pulling out of her also.  I moved to her and we fell into the 69 position, each sucking the juices out of each other's pussy.  I felt her tongue on my clit and had yet another orgasm  I was drained yet I couldn't help but respond to her tongue.  I heard her sigh as she also had one final orgasm and we separated.
"Wow.  that was unbelievable"  I was still gasping.  Maria was absently toying with her clit as she laid there.  She was really beautiful.
"The boys can go again in a little while if your game."  she said as I saw her shudder a little, probably having another orgasm.  She seemed insatiable.  Ii was laying there, coming down a little as she got up and got on top of me, pressing herself between my legs and putting her clit against mine.   I shivered a little in anticipation.  I love tribbing.  And she was good at it.  My store of orgasms seemed endless that night and we fucked each other for what seemed like hours, occasionally letting her "boys" in on the fun when we wanted.  I was exhausted and yet she wanted more.  I couldn't say no.  She was so good and so sweet and those dogs were amazing.
Finally.  It was getting light out when she asked me if I wanted to eat something beside her pussy.  I was starved, and tired and completely sated. I thought I couldn't go any more several times during that marathon but she kept proving me wrong.
I told her that I hadn't had any food since lunch the previous day.  Then I told her That I really hadn't minded because she had taken my mind off food very effectively.
We spent that weekend and many more together, she tried fucking my labs and I fucked her Danes and we were pretty much together for that whole summer and into the fall.  She was moving to Europe and wanted to take me along, but I couldn't do it.  I wanted to but it somehow didn't seem right.  She could have easily supported me for life if I wanted, but I wasn't ready for that.  I had to be my own woman.  We still write often and she told me she was coming back to America for a few months.  She asked if  I still wanted to be with her and I gave a resounding yes.  She was insatiable and the closest thing to a perfect sex partner I had ever been with.  And I'll never forget those wonderful Great Danes.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lonely Hearts

I think it was sometime in Early December I started corresponding with people on one of those match type web sites.  My first inkling as to what  they were all about was when I noticed that there were many women seeking women.  More so than any thing else.
I gave myself a profile name, used an old picture of myself and a sort of cover story and started corresponding with some of these women.  It was a revelation.  There were so many women out there seemingly available.
Some of them were downright predatory, some were lonely and looking for someone to be with, and some were just fooling around.
One of the women I ran across during my time on line really caught my attention was really beautiful, if indeed the picture she used in her profile was actually her, and I had started to become a little interested.   Her name was Carla.
We made contact on the site and starting chatting.  It started out innocently enough with the usual beginnings of getting to know each other, as much as is possible in a setting of an online chat.  After a day or so of innocent back and forth we got a little more familiar with each other.  Before long, we were describing how we would have sex with each other and our responses began to get pretty heated.  I found out that she lived about 150 miles away and we started to plan a meeting.  Still more fantasy than reality, but part of the increasingly warming conversation.
Since we couldn't send any steamy selfies through the dating web site we exchanged email addresses and did just that, partially to assure each other that we actually existed and were not some sort of cat-fishers.  Her pix were as lovely as the one she used in her profile and she saw that I was actually who I said I was.  They began to get more and more revealing.
She suggested we both use Skype for further communication.  I agreed and downloaded the software.  We made face to face contact through that software and at first, shyly, we just talked.  Mostly about the things we had said on the dating website.  Then we started really tempting each other.  She would undress for me and I for her, slowly seductively.  We touched ourselves and ended up masturbating for each other to watch.  It was so hot, but not as as satisfying as actually being together.  I noticed then that she was like me, multi-orgasmic.  A thrilling discovery.  Some of these Skype sessions lasted more than an hour.
After that our exchanges became more heated and full of lurid fantasy.  The dating web site had become obsolete for what we wanted to do with each other, and beside they had a  policy against what we were doing.  So we went on titillating and Seducing each other, meeting on Skype to further seduce each other. I began to want to be with her in person.
Finally we agreed to meet for a drink and maybe more.  The last barrier to us doing what we had been describing was actually meeting face to face to see if we were really compatible.  We selected a place half way between where we each lived and set out on our particular adventure.
It was at a bar at a roadside restaurant/motel.  It looked reputable so I pulled in and parked. I went in  I looked around the place.  It was dark but not too dark to see the people who were there.  I didn't see her.  I knew intimately what she looked like.  I couldn't miss her.  She was as beautiful as her picture portrayed her.  I took a table in the most out of the way spot I could find.  The waitress come over and I ordered a glass of wine,  I told her I was waiting for someone and would order lunch later.
Ten or fifteen minutes passed and then I saw her come in.  She was dressed very provocatively, as was I.  I loved wearing very short minis and no underwear.  It gave me a feeling of freedom and being ready for whatever may come.  She had on very tight short shorts with an almost transparent top.  No bra, I could see her nipples straining to be free.  I would free them before long I thought.  She was wearing boots that came up to her knees, I was wearing the strappiest  heels I had.
She came over to the table and before sitting down she leaned over and kissed me. I felt  her tongue flick across my lips and then she sat down.   She was as beautiful as I remembered and I thought of her tight body and very pink pussy.  I was getting wet and we hadn't done anything yet.
We stayed at the table for a while,  I had finished my glass of wine and she suggested we get a bottle since it appeared we both liked the same red, a nice little Cabernet.  Our conversation started to swing around to the reason we were there and we started drinking the wine a little faster.    She was as eager to get naked and be with me as I was to be with her.   We were there in the booth, whispering what we were going to do and suddenly the wine was gone, and we were ready for love-making.
She told me that she had already stopped at the desk and got a room.  I was thrilled at the thought of her wanting to be with me that much.   When we got to the room we barely had time to lock  the door before we were all over each other.
I started to undress her and she was doing the same to me. Our fingers were trembling with anticipation and we were trying to kiss at the same time.  I heard her moan and I got even more excited at that.  Our clothes were on the floor and we were soon down there with them, touching and kissing and whispering to each other things like Yes there!  Oh God I love your breasts, let me kiss your nipples,  and just writhing together.   We finally got to the bed.  I pushed her back and started to move my mouth all over her body.  I kissed her nipples, nipping at them with playful little bites.  She moved to me, enjoying my attentions.  I slipped my fingers down to her pussy and felt her silken clit, wet and delicious.  She moaned again and that was a spur to me.  Oh God Tiffie, She was saying it over and over.  
I moved down and tasted her sweet pussy for the first time.  She was so hot.  She was moving her hips and bucking a little as I heard her tell me where to lick and how hard and to please suck her clit.  I sucked her sweet clit inside my mouth and flicked it with my tongue and she had her first orgasm.  It was quite a ride.   I rolled over and we both just lay there for a minute, kind of gasping for air.
Then she told me she wanted me to sit on her face.   She said she had been dreaming about having me that way ever since we first started with Skype.   i complied.  I was facing the headboard and her sweet face was right below me as she began to suck my pussy, paying particular attention to my clit.  It was heaven.  She was very knowledgeable and had me cumming in a matter of minutes.  It was delicious.  I laid down next to her and began to come down a little.
She reminded me that I had expressed a liking for tribbing and said she wanted to do that.   We moved into position with me on top and pressed our hot wet clits together, rocking and feeling that sweet ecstasy that tribbing always brought me.  We were wild by now, each trying to get the other to cum.  I was sobbing and moaning she was almost keening with pleasure.   I had an orgasm.  I couldn't stop.  I wanted more and more of this wonderful feeling.  I heard her cum.  She also kept going.  We were one being now, orgasm after orgasm, almost Falling off the bed but not wanting this wonderful feeling to stop.  I don't know how many times I came,  no counting when you are crazy with lust.  Finally we fell apart.  She laughed and told me that this was the most wonderful time she had ever had.  I was gasping, my pussy throbbing, almost completely sated.
We stayed in that room for three more hours.  We did every combination of positions a couple can do when the goal is to give as much pleasure as possible.  I did not want this tryst to end, but it had to.  Later after we had returned to our respective homes we met again on Skype.  We had a long talk, about how good it had been and how soon we could do it again.  I invited her to come to my place for a weekend and I guess that will be the next thing. A weekend with her might be the chance for us to really explore each other and the relationship that I felt was just starting. I have found a kindred spirit.  Someone who was as sexually charged as I was.   The dating web site was forgotten,  We had a much more mature way to make contact now.  I have a feeling that this relationship will last a while in spite of the distances between us.  Who knows how far it will go?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A dog's life

It's a dog's life.  If only.  I have a couple of them and they are just the sweetest boys I know.  Of course I know what a dog's life is.  I spend as much time on the floor with them on my elbows and knees and we fuck as much as we can.  This is about the time I taught blackie, my favorite, to fuck missionary style.  After all, you should be able to teach an old dog a new trick or two.
We almost always use my third bedroom for fucking.  That sort of lets the boys know what's on my mind and helps keep them from getting randy when I don't have time for them.  When we are in the kitchen or having company in the living room it just wouldn't do for them to be sticking there noses in my crotch, which is their favorite way to start things rolling.
Anyway, I have this old coffee table and one night it occurred to me that it was just the right height to try something I had wanted to try for a while.  I led the boys into the room and closed the door.  This is a signal they never miss.  While they proceed to walk around excitedly, I get undressed.  Actually I leave my top on since these guys have never evinced the slightest interest in my boobs.
I sit down on the edge of the coffee table and call blackie to me.  When I spread my legs, he knows immediately that I want his tongue on my clit.  Well he doesn't actually have a clue about my clit, but he manages to hit it often enough while he licks what he enjoys,  my tasty pussy.
My other dog, out of puppy-hood for about a year now always lets blackie go first so he goes to a neutral corner and watches.
Blackie is expecting me tp get down on the floor with him, so he keeps licking.  This has its usual effect on me and before very long, I'm more than a little heated.  He is getting just a little frantic by now and I can see his cock beginning to emerge from its sheath.  I lay back and call him to get up on me.  He doesn't seem to understand, but he is obedient to a fault so he comes up enough to lick my face.  I reach down and start to gently rub his sheath and I feel his cock coming out a little more.
Eventually, with enough moving around I manage to lead the tip of his cock to my pussy.  At first he doesn't respond.  I work his sheath a little and a little more of his cock comes out and finally it is in me just a little.  Blackie responds like he usually does and begins to hump and try to drive it home, which he does in grand fashion.  One of the reasons I like my labs is because they have such magnificent equipment.  Nice and thick with a knot that is just right.  As it grows inside me I am beginning to reach my first orgasm.  Laying on my back while doing this is new and very pleasurable.  I can wiggle my ass and get even more feeling out of that knot.  WOW!!
Soon, as usual, I am reduced to an orgasm machine, popping one after the other while my lover licks my face and holds me down.  Then he cums with me and I have one more giant orgasm as I feel his juices fill me up to overflowing.  Literally.
Then he is done with me.  No after sex spooning, he just gets off and licks himself while I slowly come down.  I think maybe a couple more sessions like this and he will know fully how to fuck me missionary style, which is very nice, by the way.