Friday, April 21, 2017

I robot, do you?

It was about six years ago.  I was about 27 and living with a smoking hot 18 year old named Shellie.  Actually Michelle, but she hated that name and preferred Shellie.   She was working as a porn model at the time we were together and she was away a lot, filming with other women and getting paid for having girl-girl sex.  Which seemed to me to be the ideal situation.
I was curious as to what it must have felt like getting big bucks for doing what you would do for nothing, and I asked her about it.  She laughed and said it was not all peaches and cream.  There was genuine work to it and she felt that she earned every penny she made.  I laughed back and told her that I thought she was nuts.
She told me a story about the time she made a film about a girl who fell in love with sex machinery.  The plot line was simple.  This girl manages to get a machine called a Sybian.  I never heard of one of those so I asked what the hell a Sybian was.    Shellie explained that it was a sort of industrial strength vibrator that one straddles.  It has a vibrating component strategically placed at the clitoris as well as a rotating vibrating dildo, the size of which could be changed to any size that the "rider" desired.   Ten minutes on one of these things, Shellie explained and you were completely fucked out.  She told me the range of vibrations and speed of the dildo took  woman from 0 to 60 in no time at all.
Well, in the story, the girl loves riding her Sybian so much she begins to wonder about other available sex machines.  It turns out there are many different kinds of "fucking machines".  One of the ones she saw was a miracle machine that had a piston-like interchangeable dildo with a varying range of speeds and vibrations.  It was extremely expensive.  All told about three thousand dollars.  All controlled, like the Sybian, by a remote console.  There were other machines that sucked nipples and sprayed water on to clits, and just about any kind of movement that one could dream up.  But the piston machine became her fantasy.  So much money, but worth it?
Anyway the girl in the story saves her money and finally one day takes delivery of her fantasy machine.  The set-up instructions were clear and in no time she had it unpacked and all ready for some fantastic loving.
First she tried it fucking her doggie style.   She used the dildo that came with it, lubed up and backed on to the thing.  She adjusted the speed, slow at first then faster and faster until is was a blur.  She had orgasm after orgasm.  Between her Sybian and this new machine she got completely fucked as often as she could.  Then one day she realized that she had feelings for her fucking machine.  It made her feel so good and was always there for her.  She named it Frank.  She liked her Sybian also but had no desire to name it.  It was just a thing.  Every day when she came home from work, she would call out to Frank.
"Hi, honey, I'm home."
Of course Frank would say nothing.  Not even a little buzz.
"I'm so hot for a nice long fuck, honey, are you ready for me?"
Frank remained silent.
She would get undressed and take a moment to decide which dildo Frank would use and which position they would fuck in and then it was in position and away Frank went, busily completing her dreams.
She became so enthralled with her lover Frank she spent more and more time with him  Sometimes an entire weekend.  She had so much fun with him.  He knew just what to do and how to do it.  In the end, she finally became so enamored with Frank she decided to introduce him to her family.  That was the end of Frank.  The movie ends with her still in the asylum but improving and hardly thinking of Frank any more.  She does however have a new secret vibrator that she calls Jim.  Nobody knows about Jim.
Shellie told me that playing the girl in the film was exhausting.  Take after take, so many orgasms... I looked at her in time to catch the little smile she has on her face whenever she tries to tell m a whopper.  Still not sure if it was or not. That smile could just have been remembering a nice time.

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