Friday, April 21, 2017


It's hard for me to say exactly when it started.  I know I was maybe nine or a little younger and Jerry, my brother was a year older than me so we were young.  Kids really.  We grew up in a three bedroom house in Gary Indiana.
My dad was still with us even though he and my mom fought all the time.  Sometimes when they were really going at it, we'd crawl into bed together and listen to the hate pouring out in the other room.
"I wish they would stop it at least when we're around"  my brother almost crying.  Face into the pillow so I wouldn't see.
I was somehow more used to the fighting, or at least I didn't mind it as much as he did.
"I don't care what they say to each other as long as there's no hitting"
My brother turned to me, "I haven't seen any hitting for a while."
He was so cute with his pouty face and teary eyes.  I reached for him and put my arms around him.  I might have been his little sister, but I was somehow tougher and more mature than he was at times.
We held on to each other as the noise and yelling in the other room subsided a little and it finally grew quiet.  We were listening, trying to figure out what was happening.  After a while, as it got later we drifted off to sleep, still in each other's arms.   He stirred a few times and when he did I woke up.  He had slipped from under the sheet and I could see a strange lump in his underwear bottoms.  That's what we wore to bed.  Never had real pajamas.  Anyway I knew what was there, but I had never seen it standing up like that.  I was curious, but I didn't know what to do about it so I did nothing.  Just wondered what had caused his little "thing" as I called it to stand up like that.  I felt some strange stirrings myself.  They seemed to be naughty, but I really didn't know why.
A couple of nights later, my mom and dad were not fighting and were in their bedroom together.  I was always worried about my dad hurting my mom and I decided to sneak over to their room and make sure there was no hitting going on.  The door was not fully closed and I could hear them.
"Jack, make sure you wear a rubber"  I heard my mom say.  I had no idea what she meant.
"Don't worry,. I don't want any more brats around here any more than you do."
"Fine.  I'm so horny.  I don't like doing this when we're not getting along, but I just need it so bad."
"I don't care.  I still think you are a class one piece of ass"  He was almost growling.
I peeked in as much as I could and was shocked to see my mom and dad doing what they were doing.  I was always told that doing that was a sin and nasty beside.  But they both seemed to be having a really good time.  Sort of.  My mom was gasping and my dad was grunting as he kept pushing his enormous thing in and out of my mom's pussy.  They were getting more and more excited and making moaning sounds.  My mom was wiggling and pushing back and my dad's face got real red and then it seemed to be over but not until they both gave out a sort of cry.  I knew what they were doing, it was called fucking, but I couldn't believe that my parents did such a thing.   It was dirty and nice people didn't do that.  I was stunned as I turned to go to my room.  So nasty yet they both liked it a lot.  I could tell.  What struck me more than anything else was how big my dad's thing was and how much my mom seemed to enjoy what they were doing.  Of course I knew a little about the birds and the bees but had no idea about how fucking entered into that little story.
A couple nights later, they were in their bedroom again and this time they remembered to close the door.  Jerry was fast asleep as I snuck to the place where I could see into their room.  I saw the door was closed but knew I could open it a little with no noise.  I looked in.  They had the lights on and this time they were doing something even odder than fucking.  My mom had my dad's thing in her mouth.  He was laying back and really enjoying what she was doing.  She kept moving her head up and down on his thing and touching herself between her legs while she was doing it.  She seemed as excited as he was.  I heard a buzzing sound but had no idea what it was.
Again I was dumbfounded.  So dirty and naughty.  It really was.  And it was my parents doing that.  I was hurt and a little disgusted but also somehow it made me feel a little naughty for seeing it and I actually was kind of wondering what all that felt like.  Feelings I had never felt before were stirring in me.  I was always curious about things, and had learned things from the street, but this was past anything I ever saw.  Suddenly my mom stopped mouthing my dad and grabbed his thing and moved her hand up and down, like she had been doing with her mouth.  Then my dad started moving around and then I saw some stuff come squirting out of his thing.  I couldn't understand what I was seeing.
I couldn't sleep that night and before it was daylight I talked myself into trying what my mom was doing to her pussy to myself.  It felt good.  I was feeling more and more pleasure from what I was doing.  Finally I had a feeling I had never felt before and I almost cried out loud it felt so good.   When it had passed, I laid back and started feeling guilty about what I had just done.  It was naughty and dirty and most probably a sin.  But it was so good.
A few weeks later, we went to visit my aunt.  She lived in another town and when we visited her Jerry and I had to sleep in the same bed.  My head was still swirling with the things I had seen in the last few weeks or so and I really had no plans for anything dirty that night.  After we went to bed, Jerry fell asleep almost right away.  I laid there thinking about my mom and her fingers moving on her special place.  I was not sleepy and finally I could stand it no longer.  I slipped my panties off and started touching myself.   I had done it more than a few times by now and I knew what to do to get that special swoon-y feeling.  It took a little while but soon I was kind of moving and getting into it when I suddenly realized that Jerry was watching me. \
"What are you doing?"  he asked, his eyes as big as quarters.
"Nothing."  I lied.
"I know what you're doing and it's naughty." He tried to pretend he was shocked but his little smile gave him away.  I noticed the bulge in his underwear was back and now I was curious about what he had there in his underwear pants.  I reached to it and touched it, rubbing through the fabric.  He jumped back and almost fell out of bed.
"Stop that.  You're bad.".  Again he was not very convincing with his outrage and I reached for him again.  This time he didn't move.  I was moving my hand like my mom had done to my dad and Jerry's thing got as hard as a rock..  I told him to pull his bottoms off so I could see it.  He didn't waste a second.  There it was.  Not as big as dad's but still bigger than I had ever seen it.  We were both breathing a little funny and I wanted to try that thing with my mouth like mom.
"I want to kiss your peepee"  I was really feeling naughty both because I was seeing an erection for the first time and because I had already worked myself up to a near orgasm, which I didn't know was what I was near.  Jerry just looked at me as if he couldn't believe I was his sister.
"What?"  he said.  His eyes growing even bigger.
Instead of replying, I just slid down in the bed enough to reach him with my mouth and began moving my mouth up and down on his penis.  He just sighed and laid back, like I had seen my dad do when my mom was doing to him what I was doing to Jerry.   Jerry's cock seemed to grow in my mouth.  He was laying there, trying not to move but I could see he was enjoying what I was doing.  I continued to touch myself and in no time had myself going.  Jerry lost it and began to move his hips pushing in when i was going down and moving back when I was moving up.  It made it a little harder to concentrate, but I somehow liked the feeling of his penis at the back of my throat.  I felt his penis go into some sort of throbbing, pumping motion and suddenly there were a few drops of something I couldn't identify but which tasted good somehow.
"God, Tiff, that was amazing.  Where did you learn that?"
I was busy with myself at that moment and couldn't answer.
Then I had that delicious feeling and then it was gone.
Once we had broken the ice as it were, Jerry and I would sneak to be together every chance we could.  Sometimes I would go to his bedroom and sometimes he would come to mine.   We eventually tried fucking and we found that to be a lot of fun.  By time I was eleven, we were fucking like an old married couple.  Somehow instinctively, we learned that fucking could be done in other positions.  I especially loved doggie style.  Jerry loved 69.  He got to be very good at bringing me to orgasm with his tongue and lips and I refined my technique of giving him blow jobs.  We managed to get condoms and for a long time we fucked free and clear of anyone else knowing what we were doing at night. Our haven of brother-sister depravity went on for altogether about three years or so.
Then, as it must happen, our good thing came to an end.
One night, we were engaged in our favorite brother and sister activity.  I think Jerry was fucking me anally, something I discovered I liked a lot,  and we were both close to cumming and oblivious to the world at that moment.  Suddenly the door flew open and there stood mom and dad.  For a minute they just looked, saying nothing, out of shock I supposed.  Then mom turned to dad and said, "See, I told you they were fucking.  I looked at them, trying to think of something that I could say but I knew there was no explaining what they were seeing.
Then they did something I'll never forget..  They stripped naked and climbed in bed with us.
"Well Tiffy, I think it's time you get some real cock for a change."  said dad as he proceeded to get behind me and push his big cock deep into my pussy.  I saw stars for a minute and then it got really good.  I looked over at mom and Jerry and they were in a really hot 69.  Dad fucked the shit out of me that night.  I think I came three or four times.  I thought to myself that was what a really well practiced cock felt like.  Jerry and mom were squirming around, each cumming into the other's mouth.  The next time I looked at them Jerry had his cock buried in mom's ass.
We have been doing this ever since.  Sometimes it's dad and Jerry in a really heavy homo session, ass-fucking and all, while mom and I have girl-girl sex, or rather girl-woman sex..  Most of the time it's strictly hetero with me and dad doing everything we can think of while mom and Jerry have a roaring time.  And, maybe as a effort toward conventionality, Jerry and I will pair up while mom and dad fuck.  Not that there is ever any conventionality to our lives any more.  We have marathon sessions.  Weekends are almost all day in the rack  trying to think up new ways to please each other.  Our family looks like a very happy family of four to outside eyes, but our secret to a successful family set of relationships would bowl most of them over.  I'm sixteen now and I have had more fucking in more ways than most people.  We are thinking of getting a couple of nice Labrador retrievers to spice things up a little.
Oh, and by the way, mom and dad never argue any more.

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