Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bowling for The Knot

I was bowling in a late league that year.  I like bowling and nothing else was open.  We usually finished at around 11:30 PM and normally I went straight home after.  The next day was a work day.  Except on that particular night.  Work was closed for some minor construction and I was off.  So I went into the little bar that served the bowlers and ordered a beer.
Sitting at the bar was a lady I didn't recognize.  I knew most of the bowlers in our league and she was not one of them.  She was about forty, maybe forty-five.  And she had been there for a while.  She looked a little unsteady even sitting on a bar stool.   I took a couple of sips, sneaking a look at her once in a while.  She was pretty in a sort of used up way.  Somewhat faded but still nice to look at.
There was nobody else in the place and when I got my second beer I started to talk to her.
"Do you know anybody on the league?"  I asked.
She looked at me for a moment like she hadn't heard.
Then she replied "No I just came in here to get loaded."
She thought for a minute and then said "Looks like I got it done."
I sort of chuckled at that and she smiled.  She had a really nice smile.  I finished up and left for home.
The following week, she was there again.  I was not really ready for a late night of drinking, but after we finished bowling I went to the bar for just one little beer.  After three beer frames and a couple of extras, I was already a little tipsy.
I sat a stool away from her and as I sat and signaled the bar tender for my usual, I turned and asked her if she was working on getting loaded again.   A puzzled look on her face told me that she didn't remember me from last week.  Awkwardly I told her about us meeting the week before.  She smiled that nice smile again and remembered me.
She told me that she was indeed getting a load on and I offered to buy her a drink..She was drinking a red wine.  We sat for a while, neither of us saying much when she apparently had reached that point where drunks start to tell their life story.
She was single, divorced for about five years and living alone in a pretty nice part of town. Her name was Maria.  She had no children and kind of wondered lately if that had been a mistake.  It was her Cadillac I had seen in the parking lot and it was brand new.  She liked drinking at the bowling alley because she knew she would never run into anybody that knew her there.
I could see that she was more drunk than I was, which wasn't saying much.  She wasn't slurring her words but her eyes were sort of wandering around and half closed.  I was getting to the point where I wasn't feeling a lot of pain either. We had been drinking for about an hour when I told her I had to go.   I asked her if she was planning to drive home and she said she was going to call a cab.  Not a lot of cabs out at one in the morning, so I volunteered to give her a ride home.  I really had no plans of doing anything except provide a ride.  After thinking about my offer for a minute she asked if I was sober enough to drive.  When I told her I was always able to drive no matter how much I drank, she asked me if I wanted to share her cab.  Prudently I agreed.
The hour notwithstanding, there was a cab, and by time it showed up we had one or two more drinks.  I had switched to vodka rocks because I was getting a little bloated on beer.  We piled into the cab and she gave her address.  I recognized the part of town she lived in as pretty swanky, mostly half million dollar and up homes, I had driven there before, mostly just to gawk.
She paid for her share of the cab fare and asked if I wanted to come in for one more.  I was really blasted by this time and I just had to get home to let the dogs out and try to get some sleep so I declined.  I saw a look of disappointment on her face, but I just couldn't drink any more and make it to work the next day.  She slipped a business card into my hand and asked for my number. She wrote it down.  I left her there.  She was able to get inside her house so The cab and I went home.
A couple of days later, she called.  I recognized her voice at once.  She asked me if I had any plans for the upcoming week-end.  I didn't.
"Would you like to go out for dinner Friday?" she asked.
"Sure why not?"   I was a little curious what was on her mind and of course, Although I really didn't know much about her, I liked her and I was actually looking forward to spending a little time with her.  I told her I had to come home at some point in the evening to let the dogs out and she told me to bring them along. She said she loved dogs.  It was settled.  We would meet at her place and figure out what to do from there.
Friday rolled in and I was at her place about ten minutes late.  Didn't want to seem too eager.  Even if I was.  I didn't bring the boys.  That would have been just too much.  My neighbor dog-sat for me at times and she had agreed to do that this time.  Maria answered the door and she took my breath away.  She was wearing clothes that I had only seen on fashion shows.  Some sort of a pants outfit with big flared legs and a revealing top.  I must have been staring because she asked me if it was too much.  I came out of it long enough to mumble how beautiful she looked.  We went into her parlor and she poured me  a glass of wine.  I was wearing my usual clubbing outfit.  A short skirt, soft top and heels.  I wore hose for a change and was glad that I wasn't completely under dressed.  Mostly, but not as much as usual.
"I hope wine is OK.   I do have some vodka but it's not the best"
I told her wine was alright.  Her furniture was comfortable and I leaned back on the sofa I was sitting on and drank a little of my wine.  "where would you like to go for dinner?"  I asked her.  I wasn't sure I knew any place in town that would be in keeping with her obvious upscale tastes.
"If it's alright with you, we can have dinner here.  It's all prepared and the cook has it in the warming oven."  She was looking at me in a strange way, and I was already feeling the wine, getting warmer and a little looser.  She had a way of making you relax, and as we chatted I was starting to feel the wine even more.
"May I ask you something?" she said.
"Sure, anything."
"I think I know who you are."  she said.
Not getting her meaning I must have looked a little puzzled.  "What do you mean?"  I asked.
"You're Tiffany Morgan.  I mean you're knotlover.  On the internet..."
I was a little surprised.  A lot of people knew who I was but mostly people who were into my blog and were into the same things I was.  I was hardly ever recognized because I used a photo of someone else as my avatar on line.
"How did you know?"  I asked
"Your name.  I have read your blog and I follow you."
"Are you put off by that?"
"No, you see I am a sort of knotlover myself."
"But you don't have a dog.  I haven't seen one or heard one."
"Oh I have a dog.  In fact I have two of them.  They're Great Danes and they are my lovers.  You should meet them."
"I think I'd like that."  I was a little apprehensive.  If she was really having sex with Great Danes, she was more of a knot lover than I was.
"They are very well trained.  I have taught them to behave.  They are so big that they would wreck the house if they started playing in here"  She smiled as if remembering some pleasant memory.
She got up off the couch and I stood.  She came over to me and asked if I would mind if she kissed me.
"You are very pretty."  she said.  "We will become good friends"
We kissed, a little tentative at first then suddenly we were all tongues and little moans.  I really liked Maria and she was hot in a refined sort of way.
"Come with me," she said.  "Before I forget what we were doing"
We went further into the house, which was gigantic.  I figured four bedrooms at least.  There was a family room and there sat two of the biggest dogs I had ever seen.  Great Danes are massive and these two were no exception.  As soon as they saw us, they came to us all wagging tails and smiley faces.
"Their names are Jupiter and Zeus."  she said,  "and I treat them like the gods they are"
She came to me and we kissed again.  Her hands were all over my body and I was enjoying every caress.
She pulled away, a little breathless as was I.   The wine and the anticipation getting to me a little.
"Let's get comfortable."  she said as she started to undress.  I followed suit, and in a minute was naked except for my hose.
I moved to her and we started touching each other.  She was hot and I was hotter.  Sloppy kisses and moans as I felt her fingers touching my pussy.  I touched her clit and felt that she was wet.
"How would you like to have Zeus right now? she asked.
"I'm not sure I can handle him.  I've only been with my labs"  I was actually intrigued at the prospect of having one of those massive knots inside me.  I had seen them in videos but never imagined I would have an opportunity.
"Here, you can use this." she said as she moved a a footstool  toward me.  "You will have to position yourself a little higher for these big boys. "
"Does he know how to lick my pussy?" I asked.  I was really getting into it now, and wanted to get everything I could out of this experience.
"Sit down on the couch and spread your legs"  she said as she called Zeus to me.
I spread my legs and he was at my pussy in a flash.
His tongue was strong and large.  He was hitting every note as he licked my pussy.  He kept hitting my clit and in a minute I was feeling the first orgasm coming.  I was wiggling and bucking a little by now and he never missed a beat.  I forgot where I was as the first orgasm hit me and just let it cum.
He wasn't going to stop and I probably could have just stayed there all night, but I was determined to feel that massive knot so I pushed him away as I got on the stool, kneeling as I reached forward and leaned against the couch.  My pussy was much higher than when I fucked my labs.  But Zeus knew exactly what to do.  He was well trained.  I felt his heavy body on me as he jumped up, placing his front paws with me between them.  I could feel him searching for my pussy, humping a little as he tried to find me.
Then he did.  I felt his penis sliding inside me, so far not much different than my labs.  He humped his cock deep inside me and I almost had another orgasm right there.  His cock started to swell and I was feeling every bit of it, the tip caressing my cervix, gently opening it.  I was almost cumming already and then I felt his knot beginning to swell.  It was so big.  My pussy was being stretched. His knot was right on my G-spot and I had another orgasm, Calling his name and telling him what a good boy he was, just like I did with my labs.  His knot was getting still bigger.  I was being stretched farther than I had ever been.  "Oh god"   I heard myself say.  "Oh sweet Jesus"  "Oh fuck.   Oh fuck me you big bastard."  Another orgasm was coming. I was having them at a one a minute clip  He was finally done growing  but he was just getting starting fucking my brains out.  I was humping against him, now as much  an animal as he was.  Maybe more. I heard somebody screaming "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me"  It was me.  I have this way of rotating my hips when I'm fully knotted and that motion just drives me up a wall.  I was cumming so hard and so often.  It was wonderful.
In a lucid moment I looked to see what Maria was doing and I saw her laying on the love seat, getting fucked by Jupiter missionary style. Her face was red and she was cumming, like me again and again. Jupiter was licking her face and I saw her tongue licking his.
Then Zeus's knot took over my consciousness and I saw stars and planets as I was cumming again.  I was wailing now, almost screaming.  His knot was so massive, so tight against my g-spot.  I had never felt anything like this.  I couldn't believe how intense the orgasms were.  My labs were good, but this was stellar.  I was truly locked to Zeus. I was a bitch, wailing my pleasure as he held me in his power.  His knot truly locking me to him.  So big.  So much pleasure.  An endless stream of orgasms.
Then I felt him cum inside me.  The strong torrent of his sperm splashing against my cervix.  I had yet another orgasm as I felt his hot seed pour into me.  I was his bitch.  It seemed as if it would never end and then his knot started reducing, releasing me.  I wanted it to go on longer, but he was done with me.  His juices were running out of me as he got down and went to a corner licking his cock as he laid down.  
I looked over at Jupiter and Maria.  He was pulling out of her also.  I moved to her and we fell into the 69 position, each sucking the juices out of each other's pussy.  I felt her tongue on my clit and had yet another orgasm  I was drained yet I couldn't help but respond to her tongue.  I heard her sigh as she also had one final orgasm and we separated.
"Wow.  that was unbelievable"  I was still gasping.  Maria was absently toying with her clit as she laid there.  She was really beautiful.
"The boys can go again in a little while if your game."  she said as I saw her shudder a little, probably having another orgasm.  She seemed insatiable.  Ii was laying there, coming down a little as she got up and got on top of me, pressing herself between my legs and putting her clit against mine.   I shivered a little in anticipation.  I love tribbing.  And she was good at it.  My store of orgasms seemed endless that night and we fucked each other for what seemed like hours, occasionally letting her "boys" in on the fun when we wanted.  I was exhausted and yet she wanted more.  I couldn't say no.  She was so good and so sweet and those dogs were amazing.
Finally.  It was getting light out when she asked me if I wanted to eat something beside her pussy.  I was starved, and tired and completely sated. I thought I couldn't go any more several times during that marathon but she kept proving me wrong.
I told her that I hadn't had any food since lunch the previous day.  Then I told her That I really hadn't minded because she had taken my mind off food very effectively.
We spent that weekend and many more together, she tried fucking my labs and I fucked her Danes and we were pretty much together for that whole summer and into the fall.  She was moving to Europe and wanted to take me along, but I couldn't do it.  I wanted to but it somehow didn't seem right.  She could have easily supported me for life if I wanted, but I wasn't ready for that.  I had to be my own woman.  We still write often and she told me she was coming back to America for a few months.  She asked if  I still wanted to be with her and I gave a resounding yes.  She was insatiable and the closest thing to a perfect sex partner I had ever been with.  And I'll never forget those wonderful Great Danes.

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