Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Lonely Hearts

I think it was sometime in Early December I started corresponding with people on one of those match type web sites.  My first inkling as to what  they were all about was when I noticed that there were many women seeking women.  More so than any thing else.
I gave myself a profile name, used an old picture of myself and a sort of cover story and started corresponding with some of these women.  It was a revelation.  There were so many women out there seemingly available.
Some of them were downright predatory, some were lonely and looking for someone to be with, and some were just fooling around.
One of the women I ran across during my time on line really caught my attention was really beautiful, if indeed the picture she used in her profile was actually her, and I had started to become a little interested.   Her name was Carla.
We made contact on the site and starting chatting.  It started out innocently enough with the usual beginnings of getting to know each other, as much as is possible in a setting of an online chat.  After a day or so of innocent back and forth we got a little more familiar with each other.  Before long, we were describing how we would have sex with each other and our responses began to get pretty heated.  I found out that she lived about 150 miles away and we started to plan a meeting.  Still more fantasy than reality, but part of the increasingly warming conversation.
Since we couldn't send any steamy selfies through the dating web site we exchanged email addresses and did just that, partially to assure each other that we actually existed and were not some sort of cat-fishers.  Her pix were as lovely as the one she used in her profile and she saw that I was actually who I said I was.  They began to get more and more revealing.
She suggested we both use Skype for further communication.  I agreed and downloaded the software.  We made face to face contact through that software and at first, shyly, we just talked.  Mostly about the things we had said on the dating website.  Then we started really tempting each other.  She would undress for me and I for her, slowly seductively.  We touched ourselves and ended up masturbating for each other to watch.  It was so hot, but not as as satisfying as actually being together.  I noticed then that she was like me, multi-orgasmic.  A thrilling discovery.  Some of these Skype sessions lasted more than an hour.
After that our exchanges became more heated and full of lurid fantasy.  The dating web site had become obsolete for what we wanted to do with each other, and beside they had a  policy against what we were doing.  So we went on titillating and Seducing each other, meeting on Skype to further seduce each other. I began to want to be with her in person.
Finally we agreed to meet for a drink and maybe more.  The last barrier to us doing what we had been describing was actually meeting face to face to see if we were really compatible.  We selected a place half way between where we each lived and set out on our particular adventure.
It was at a bar at a roadside restaurant/motel.  It looked reputable so I pulled in and parked. I went in  I looked around the place.  It was dark but not too dark to see the people who were there.  I didn't see her.  I knew intimately what she looked like.  I couldn't miss her.  She was as beautiful as her picture portrayed her.  I took a table in the most out of the way spot I could find.  The waitress come over and I ordered a glass of wine,  I told her I was waiting for someone and would order lunch later.
Ten or fifteen minutes passed and then I saw her come in.  She was dressed very provocatively, as was I.  I loved wearing very short minis and no underwear.  It gave me a feeling of freedom and being ready for whatever may come.  She had on very tight short shorts with an almost transparent top.  No bra, I could see her nipples straining to be free.  I would free them before long I thought.  She was wearing boots that came up to her knees, I was wearing the strappiest  heels I had.
She came over to the table and before sitting down she leaned over and kissed me. I felt  her tongue flick across my lips and then she sat down.   She was as beautiful as I remembered and I thought of her tight body and very pink pussy.  I was getting wet and we hadn't done anything yet.
We stayed at the table for a while,  I had finished my glass of wine and she suggested we get a bottle since it appeared we both liked the same red, a nice little Cabernet.  Our conversation started to swing around to the reason we were there and we started drinking the wine a little faster.    She was as eager to get naked and be with me as I was to be with her.   We were there in the booth, whispering what we were going to do and suddenly the wine was gone, and we were ready for love-making.
She told me that she had already stopped at the desk and got a room.  I was thrilled at the thought of her wanting to be with me that much.   When we got to the room we barely had time to lock  the door before we were all over each other.
I started to undress her and she was doing the same to me. Our fingers were trembling with anticipation and we were trying to kiss at the same time.  I heard her moan and I got even more excited at that.  Our clothes were on the floor and we were soon down there with them, touching and kissing and whispering to each other things like Yes there!  Oh God I love your breasts, let me kiss your nipples,  and just writhing together.   We finally got to the bed.  I pushed her back and started to move my mouth all over her body.  I kissed her nipples, nipping at them with playful little bites.  She moved to me, enjoying my attentions.  I slipped my fingers down to her pussy and felt her silken clit, wet and delicious.  She moaned again and that was a spur to me.  Oh God Tiffie, She was saying it over and over.  
I moved down and tasted her sweet pussy for the first time.  She was so hot.  She was moving her hips and bucking a little as I heard her tell me where to lick and how hard and to please suck her clit.  I sucked her sweet clit inside my mouth and flicked it with my tongue and she had her first orgasm.  It was quite a ride.   I rolled over and we both just lay there for a minute, kind of gasping for air.
Then she told me she wanted me to sit on her face.   She said she had been dreaming about having me that way ever since we first started with Skype.   i complied.  I was facing the headboard and her sweet face was right below me as she began to suck my pussy, paying particular attention to my clit.  It was heaven.  She was very knowledgeable and had me cumming in a matter of minutes.  It was delicious.  I laid down next to her and began to come down a little.
She reminded me that I had expressed a liking for tribbing and said she wanted to do that.   We moved into position with me on top and pressed our hot wet clits together, rocking and feeling that sweet ecstasy that tribbing always brought me.  We were wild by now, each trying to get the other to cum.  I was sobbing and moaning she was almost keening with pleasure.   I had an orgasm.  I couldn't stop.  I wanted more and more of this wonderful feeling.  I heard her cum.  She also kept going.  We were one being now, orgasm after orgasm, almost Falling off the bed but not wanting this wonderful feeling to stop.  I don't know how many times I came,  no counting when you are crazy with lust.  Finally we fell apart.  She laughed and told me that this was the most wonderful time she had ever had.  I was gasping, my pussy throbbing, almost completely sated.
We stayed in that room for three more hours.  We did every combination of positions a couple can do when the goal is to give as much pleasure as possible.  I did not want this tryst to end, but it had to.  Later after we had returned to our respective homes we met again on Skype.  We had a long talk, about how good it had been and how soon we could do it again.  I invited her to come to my place for a weekend and I guess that will be the next thing. A weekend with her might be the chance for us to really explore each other and the relationship that I felt was just starting. I have found a kindred spirit.  Someone who was as sexually charged as I was.   The dating web site was forgotten,  We had a much more mature way to make contact now.  I have a feeling that this relationship will last a while in spite of the distances between us.  Who knows how far it will go?

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