Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A dog's life

It's a dog's life.  If only.  I have a couple of them and they are just the sweetest boys I know.  Of course I know what a dog's life is.  I spend as much time on the floor with them on my elbows and knees and we fuck as much as we can.  This is about the time I taught blackie, my favorite, to fuck missionary style.  After all, you should be able to teach an old dog a new trick or two.
We almost always use my third bedroom for fucking.  That sort of lets the boys know what's on my mind and helps keep them from getting randy when I don't have time for them.  When we are in the kitchen or having company in the living room it just wouldn't do for them to be sticking there noses in my crotch, which is their favorite way to start things rolling.
Anyway, I have this old coffee table and one night it occurred to me that it was just the right height to try something I had wanted to try for a while.  I led the boys into the room and closed the door.  This is a signal they never miss.  While they proceed to walk around excitedly, I get undressed.  Actually I leave my top on since these guys have never evinced the slightest interest in my boobs.
I sit down on the edge of the coffee table and call blackie to me.  When I spread my legs, he knows immediately that I want his tongue on my clit.  Well he doesn't actually have a clue about my clit, but he manages to hit it often enough while he licks what he enjoys,  my tasty pussy.
My other dog, out of puppy-hood for about a year now always lets blackie go first so he goes to a neutral corner and watches.
Blackie is expecting me tp get down on the floor with him, so he keeps licking.  This has its usual effect on me and before very long, I'm more than a little heated.  He is getting just a little frantic by now and I can see his cock beginning to emerge from its sheath.  I lay back and call him to get up on me.  He doesn't seem to understand, but he is obedient to a fault so he comes up enough to lick my face.  I reach down and start to gently rub his sheath and I feel his cock coming out a little more.
Eventually, with enough moving around I manage to lead the tip of his cock to my pussy.  At first he doesn't respond.  I work his sheath a little and a little more of his cock comes out and finally it is in me just a little.  Blackie responds like he usually does and begins to hump and try to drive it home, which he does in grand fashion.  One of the reasons I like my labs is because they have such magnificent equipment.  Nice and thick with a knot that is just right.  As it grows inside me I am beginning to reach my first orgasm.  Laying on my back while doing this is new and very pleasurable.  I can wiggle my ass and get even more feeling out of that knot.  WOW!!
Soon, as usual, I am reduced to an orgasm machine, popping one after the other while my lover licks my face and holds me down.  Then he cums with me and I have one more giant orgasm as I feel his juices fill me up to overflowing.  Literally.
Then he is done with me.  No after sex spooning, he just gets off and licks himself while I slowly come down.  I think maybe a couple more sessions like this and he will know fully how to fuck me missionary style, which is very nice, by the way.

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